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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad boys, Bad boys, Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Welcoming Back Jan Hahn
Hi, Darcyholics!  I am very happy to be welcoming back Jan Hahn and being a part of her book release of The Journey.  I know that you will enjoy hearing more from her, as I did!   :D Enjoy!

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Bad boys, bad boys,
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
 (with apologies to Inner Circle and Cops)

Thank you, Barbara, for allowing me to introduce my second novel, The Journey, which has recently been released by Meryton Press.  It’s another Pride and Prejudice alternate path that begins shortly after the Netherfield ball. 
To escape her mother’s anguish over Elizabeth’s refusal of Mr. Collins’s proposal, Elizabeth sets out for London to visit the Gardiners.  Mr. Bingley has offered her a ride in his carriage, but she must travel with Caroline Bingley, Louisa Hurst, and Mr. Darcy.  Obviously, in such company the journey is uncomfortable for Elizabeth, but it grows much worse when shots ring out and the carriage is held up by highwaymen.  When the leader of the gang elects to take Elizabeth for his own pleasure, Darcy offers himself as a hostage.  That fails to deter the highwayman’s plan, so Darcy takes it a step further and announces that Elizabeth is his wife!
The couple is abducted and taken to a remote cabin in the woods where they are forced to play the roles of husband and wife.  The handsome highwayman, Nate Morgan, continues to fancy Elizabeth, and she finds herself in a precarious position.  She and Darcy must learn to rely upon each other if they are to have any hope of escaping their captors.
Jane Austen includes a rogue of some sort in each of her main novels.  From Willoughby to Churchill, we are introduced to various attractive men of less than attractive character.  Today, my novel’s bad boy, Nate Morgan, has asked to visit me.  As you can imagine, I’m somewhat antsy to be in the presence of such a devious charmer, but he has promised to behave.  Do pray for me, as I have neither weapon nor wit to defend myself.
JAN HAHN:  I understand you have some questions for me, Mr. Morgan.  Although you’re looking at me in a rather sinister manner, don’t think I’m afraid of you.  In the words of Elizabeth Bennet, “my courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me.”
NATE MORGAN: (looks askance at me while pacing the room)  Believe me, Missus, you’re no Elizabeth Bennet, so don’t try to talk like her.  (smiles wickedly)  I do make you nervous, though, don’t I?
JAN HAHN:  (high-pitched giggle)  Me, nervous in the company of a highwayman?  Why should I be uneasy when I created you?
NATE MORGAN:  And just why did you do that, Missus?  Wasn’t Miss Austen’s original fellow enough of a scoundrel to vex Darcy and Elizabeth?  What was his nameWickham?
JAN HAHN:  Well, yes, Wickham was a jerk
NATE MORGAN:  What’s a jerk?
JAN HAHN:  A man much like you, but never mind about that.  I created you for a definite purpose.  My original idea was to place Darcy and Elizabeth on a sort of road story, much like the plot of my grandmother’s favorite movie, It Happened One Night with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.  You were
NATE MORGAN:  What’s a movie?
JAN HAHN:  It’s a story shot on film.
NATE MORGAN:  (his eyes brighten and he stops pacing) Shot?  Someone gets shot? 
JAN HAHN:  In some movies people are shot, but never mind about that.
NATE MORGAN:  Why do you keep saying never mind?
JAN HAHN:  Because we’re getting off the subject.  I was telling you why I made you into a highwayman.  I needed some way to get Darcy and Elizabeth out of the drawing room and into the wild.  You were a necessary evil.
NATE MORGAN:  (smiles)  That’s me—evil Nate Morgan, infamous highwayman!  But, in truth, I think your book needs a rewrite.  When I hold up the carriage, I should leave Darcy with that screecher, Caroline Bingley, or better yet, I should just shoot him.
JAN HAHN:  (gasps)  I’d never allow Caroline to get Darcy in her clutches, and you can forget about shooting him!
NATE MORGAN:  (sits in chair and leans forward)  If you allow me to kidnap Elizabeth without Darcy, I can think of a tasty little plot involving her and me, and I’m no writer.
JAN HAHN:  I can well imagine, and that’s exactly why I sent Darcy along—to protect Elizabeth’s virtue.  Besides, what makes you think a woman with Elizabeth’s integrity would ever fall for a rascal like you?
NATE MORGAN:  I’ll have you know, Missus, I’m not lacking in dash-fire!  There’s many a lass who’s hoped to be Nate Morgan’s lady.  After all, I’m one fine-looking devil, am I not, with me blonde curls and blue eyes?
JAN HAHN:  I have to admit you are.
NATE MORGAN:  And I like how you placed a scar on me face.  Adds a bit of mystery, don’t it? Elizabeth noticed it right away, remember?
JAN HAHN:  She did, and that allowed me to reveal a bit of your back story.
NATE MORGAN:  Yeah, I don’t care for that part.  You should have me poker up about my past.  The less people know the better.  Why didn’t you make me the strong, silent type?
JAN HAHN:  Mr. Darcy owns that part.
NATE MORGAN:  Darcy, Darcy, Darcy!  (spits)  Is that dandy all you think about? 
JAN HAHN:  I can assure you Mr. Darcy is no dandy!  He’s the most romantic figure in literature!
NATE MORGAN:  I see nothing romantic about him—more like a peacock parading around like he owns the world.  If I read books—and we both know I don’t—I’d prefer yarns about fellows like me and my boys and the scrapes we’ve found ourselves in.   There was one time ol’ Sneyd and me were gulling a broadsman and three others at the card tables when one of them pulled a knife!  We fought our way out with nary a scratch.  Now, that would entertain your readers!
JAN HAHN:  (yawns)  Mr. Morgan, I write books about love, not fisticuffs, and the most romantic couple I know is Darcy and Elizabeth.  I wish to read and write about them.
NATE MORGAN:  Well, if you insist on romance, what more could you ask than me and Elizabeth?  Didn’t you have us dancing together one night, and did you not hear us singing?  And didn’t I rush in and rescue her at one point?  Why, I swept her up in my arms like she was no bigger than a kitten!  And then there was the scene in the cave—let’s not forget that chapter.
JAN HAHN:  I could never forget what took place in the cave, especially between Darcy and Elizabeth.
NATE MORGAN: (slaps his knee)  There you go again!  Darcy!  Are you daft, woman?  You’ve got nothing but Darcy on your brain!
JAN HAHN:  I confess I do.  Any story I write about Elizabeth will have Darcy in it.  You, sir, were just lucky to come along for the ride.  And now, Mr. Morgan, what is that sound I hear outside?  Is someone approaching? 
(Cue the music)  “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”
NATE MORGAN:  (jumps up) The plague seize it!  How do I get out of this place?
JAN HAHN:  (points toward rear) The back door’s in that direction.  Farewell, Nate Morgan, and good luck.  You are one character I thoroughly enjoyed!
Jan’s first novel, An Arranged Marriage, recently won the award for Best Indie book of 2011 from Austen Prose.  Her second book, The Journey, has just been released.  Both books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.
Visit Jan on Facebook or at Meryton Press   


  1. I love Jan's books and can't wait to read this one. :)
    I joined this site as a member (tdraut); I started following BarbTCole on twitter; I asked to join the Darcyholic Diversions facebook group; I "liked" Barbara Tiller Cole, Author's facebook page; and I tweeted this post. :)

  2. Oh, I really enjoyed meeting Nate! He is a great bad boy character.

    Thanks for visiting us Jan and Nate and thanks for hosting Barbara!

  3. I forgot to say that I am a site member: GFC- Sophia Rose,
    FB for Darcyholic and for Barbara as Sally Michele Shaw.

  4. Thank you, Sophia Rose! I'm glad you like meeting Nate.

  5. Fun interview, Jan, but I don't think Nate is a Darcyholic! I did like the handsome Nate Morgan even if he was a bad boy...but he's not nearly so despicable as George Wickham. I loved the book and loved how much time Darcy and Lizzy were able to spend together during this journey and kidnapping. I didn't want to put the book down. I hope to see more books from you soon! :)

    Barbara, don't enter me in this contest as I already have this very good book.

    1. You're right, Janet, Nate doesn't qualify as a Darcyholic! As always, thanks for your continual support.

  6. WOW. The Journey is published! Great news. Congrats...
    I think you showed the many weapons at your disposal with this witty interview, Jan. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, China! Believe me, I began this interview without a clue as to the outcome.

  7. I love this story! So, what would have happened if you had left Caroline Bingley in the hands of Nate Morgan... muahaha! Is there any particular actor you envision as Morgan? Glad to see you hee!

    ~ Junewilliams7

    1. Thank you, June! I doubt that Morgan could survive more than 15 minutes of Caroline, and he would have paid someone to take her off his hands. Actors as Morgan? Josh Holloway of "Lost" has that rugged look I was going for and gorgeous eyes, but as far as personality and looks combined, I see a younger, blonde Gerard Butler.

    2. Ooooh, I do like your choices for Nate. Let me add one more, the handsome Rupert Penry-Jones with his hair a little longer. He may not have quite the bad boy looks of the other two but he looks pretty good!

  8. This book sounds so good! I enjoyed your interview with Nate Morgan & look forward to seeing more of him! Thanks for the giveaway!
    I joined this site
    Tweeted this post
    Friends with Barbara on FB
    Like her author page on FB
    Follow Barbara on Twitter
    Joined DD on FB too!

    1. As I was so fortunate to win An Arranged Marriage here I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck will hold out to win the Journey also. I've done all the extras. Thank you!


    2. Thank you, Jakki! I appreciate your comments.

    3. And thank you, Margaret! Good luck with winning!

  9. I enjoyed your both An Arranged Marriage and the Journey. And now this fabulous interview! Poor Nate Margan, though appealing in his own way (especially, if being impersonated by Gerard Butler), he has no chance among Darcyholics!:)
    Look forward to new books from Jan Hahn!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my books, and you're certainly right about Nate Morgan. He'll never measure up to Darcy among all of us who love him so.

  10. I like this Nate Morgan already! Much better bad guy than Wickham. His "Darcy, Darcy, Darcy!" made me giggle because it reminded me of Jan on the Brady Bunch - "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" Poor guy, no one can measure up to Mr Darcy. The sooner one realizes it, the better.

    I requested that my library get a copy of this, and they did (yay!). I'm just waiting for it to get here and I would LOVE to win one of my very own.

    I follow DD blog, follow Barb on Twitter and I will be tweeting this post.

  11. I like this Nate Morgan already! Much better bad guy than Wickham. His "Darcy, Darcy, Darcy!" made me giggle because it reminded me of Jan on the Brady Bunch - "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" Poor guy, no one can measure up to Mr Darcy. The sooner one realizes it, the better.

    I requested that my library get a copy of this, and they did (yay!). I'm just waiting for it to get here and I would LOVE to win one of my very own.

    I follow DD blog, follow Barb on Twitter and I will be tweeting this post.

    1. Sorry about the double post. Stupid technology.

    2. I'm so glad you like Nate Morgan, Monica! I confess I have a bit of a crush on him myself. Thank you for asking your library to get a copy of the book and for your kind comments. And I'm so glad to see someone else besides me make a stupid technology post.

  12. Jan: Your wonderful interview with Nate Morgan has reminded me why I love The Journey - you have a unique style that draws us in! I'm sure there may be some who want more of Nate, but I'd prefer more of your "Darcy, Darcy, Darcy!"

    1. Thank you! I always want more Darcy, too!

  13. Hey Jan! Fun interview. Actually, Nate was't so bad in the end. He did try to protect Lizzy at the trial. And I like the implied conection between his daughter and Henry. He was just a rough and tumble kind of guy. VERY ROUGH around the edges. A guy who hid his good heart after taking a wrong road. Thanks. ~Jen Red~

    1. You've summed up Nate Morgan's character perfectly. Thank you, Jen!

  14. The Journey is a great story and I had a good laugh at the 'interview'. Ah Nate. :) Lucy

  15. Thanks, Lucy! Visiting Nate again has made me wonder what he's up to now. I can see just a glimmer of a sequel.

  16. The Journey is a refreshing concept. I want to know more about the mysterious Nate Morgan and his backstory. Btw still haven't got the time to read An Arranged Marriage for review. My sincerest apologies for delaying.

    I'm a GFC follower, joined DD FB group, friend Barbara and like Barbara's author FB page.


  17. exciting! Jan's attitude alone inspire me to care about what she writes :) TY for sharing Nate's visit with you with us readers Jan!
    too FuN ;) and..
    ConGrats on winning the award for Best Indie book of 2011 from Austen Prose ! evident success :)

    i look fwd to this new read and wish you every cont'd success in your writing journeys...