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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moira Bianchi: A Hot Rio Chic Visits Austen's World

Welcome Back Moira Bianchi! 
A Hot Rio Chic Visits Darcyholic Diversions!
Jane Austen Inspired literature is a worldwide phenomenon!  And nothing says that more than our guest today from Rio.  I have traveled the world with Austen's characters.  I recently 'met' Moira through her posted story and on Facebook and invited her to visit with us.  Welcome Moira!


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A Hot Rio Chic Visits Austen's World
Hello there!
I was very flattered -and surprised - by Barb's invitation. It's a great reward for me to be included in a group with my favorite Darcy authors.
I'm Brazilian, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and studied English from 8 to 18 years old. Writing my ‘Friendship of a special kind’ aka ‘How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again’, a 180k words story completely in English was easier than I first imagined, incredibly enough. Maybe it was Mr. Darcy’s doing.
My relationship with ODC started in 2006 by chance. A few years before a dear friend challenged me to read the biggest international classic novels since I had addicted her to Harry Potter. It really wasn't fair of her since my first task was Dorian Gray, followed by The Hobbit and the LotR trilogy. From those my enthusiasm only grew and Austen was a must. I chose S&S because of Emma Thompson but it didn't get to me. I wanted Elinor to be stronger.
Well, in 2006 I finally met Lizzy and her impertinence. It was love at first line! When Austen told me exactly was going on in Darcy's head, I fell head over heels for him. Canon led to Google, and Mr. Google to ‘Mrs. Darcy’ site. I got so addicted that I started buying your excellent stories in books online and, as the delivery is expensive, I bought them by half a dozen!
              After years of being a silent member of the most excellent Mr. Darcy's fandom, he and Lizzy started talking to me. A particular scene looped in my head constantly.
I needed a while to find courage to write it down, though. Until, on a poorly slept nights period during my baby son's adaptation from crib to bed, I thought that instead of lying awake I could, you know... Write! So that's how I started: shyly, in the middle of the night, not a single lamp on, writing on my iPhone! As crazy as it may sound, I wrote a 41 chapters story in less than five months using a 3,5 inches screen.
It was awesome! The characters talked to me in the wee hours of the night at first, then all the time! They babbled and quarreled and complained and made love and told me what to write. I only had to type it. I felt exhilarated, proud of myself for accomplishing such a feat.
I wrote a story that I would like to read. E&D are together since the beginning, it's about their relationship, how they struggle to keep together. My betas often called to my attention that they were too forward, that Darcy would never give Lizzy a kiss on the cheek on the second time they met. Or that Lizzy wouldn´t drink beer, but wine. Well… I’m Brazilian, so these D&E have a zest of Brazil too. Why not?
So they are forward and a bit naughty sometimes. Darcy hacks into her IPhone so he can keep in touch while Lizzy is only interested in Darcy as a one night stand. It´s not a retelling, it´s a P&P inspired story.
Here´s a glimpse of Chapter 3.
When he (Darcy) agreed to spend these vacations (in Meryton) with his longtime friends he just expected to take a break from his responsibilities at Darcy Inc., since the mergers he started a year ago were practically concluded. Financially, it meant his bank balance grew considerably; and as work usually did, it also meant another emotional hideaway.
He couldn’t believe his luck on finding this sexy woman (Lizzy) who now was in the bathroom and almost flying the coop. This thought woke him up from his daydreaming and he decided to take action. He wouldn’t mind to keep in touch with her, but it would be best if he could do it directly, without in betweens.
During these last two weeks since he first met her, Darcy had to go great lengths to find something about Lizzy, and the results were meager. He wouldn’t ask just anyone and risk having the Holy Inquisition to answer to, although what he tried was as frustrating as it could be. After the guys made him acknowledge that he liked her at the fishing trip, he decided to reach out for Lizzy asking Thorn to ask Charlo – of all people. Darcy could never have known that Charlo was Napoleon on the ‘Save Elizabeth Bennett Army’. When Charlo came to Netherfield earlier in the week and they met in person, he made Darcy squirm just to get simple info such as her age, whether she was in a relationship or not, and if she would be back at Meryton before he left.
He thought about asking for her number but dismissed the idea because he wouldn’t want to look needy. He could use his charms and casually ask her while they had lunch together, in a few minutes. She might even offer him her numbers spontaneously, as any other woman he had dated. But she didn’t already, even though she took her phone from the bathroom and left it on his dresser. His dresser! He smiled wickedly to himself. Lizzy was so sassy in bed, she bought him drinks; she flirted with him and then fled… Obviously she left her phone where he could take it! Fate had brought him a temptress! Darcy could not believe his good, good luck!
She wanted him to hack into her phone, and of course he would oblige. He grinned to himself. During lunch he could come up with some excuse to make her call him so she would find out that he had done what she had expected him to do and, one thing leading to another… Darcy was already sizzling with just the thought of a night with this beautiful siren. He didn’t want this encounter to end. He justified himself with the certainty that he wouldn’t browse her data in details – that would be a horrible crime - he would just get her contacts. Darcy had one more second to hesitate, then jumped and took her phone.
“Thank God I know how this works.” He thought happily, almost shaking in his excitement. Not for one second he thought that Lizzy might actually not want his contacts, or see him ever again.
Only after more than six months of its finish I could find courage in me to post this story online. It felt like I was an intruder on my favorite author’s playground. But one thing lead to another and now I have three more stories (small ones), two cooking in my head and am preparing to publish. Wow, how exciting is that?
When asked why I write in English, I can only answer that it was how I learned to love Darcy. You amazing girls and boys gave him to me and it was an effing good gift! Thank you all.

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  1. Yay, Barb! You rock!
    Thanks for having me here!

  2. That is so awesome that you are able to get your book out there. Congrats! It sounds so amusing.