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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lynne Robson: Darcy's Derbyshire Momma!

Welcome Lynne Robson!
Hi, Darcyholics!  It is my honor to welcome Lynne Robson to Darcyholic Diversions today.  Lynne lives in Derbyshire, home to Mr. Darcy!  So in addition to letting us know a little about her hour journey into her Darcyholism.  I will also be sharing her pictures from Derbyshire soon.   I am at a conference in Texas in a hotel with all but useless internet.  I have not been able to download her VERY lovely pictures, so I will share them in a separate post soon.
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Lynne R: Darcy's Derbyshire Momma

Lynne,  I thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me today.  Did you grow up in Deryshire?  Do people in Derbyshire grow up KNOWING all about Mr. Darcy?

No, I actually grew up in Halifax in West Yorkshire and moved to Dronfield just before we got married in the 1980's. It is a lovely place and I really enjoy living hear as it is very quiet and a close community. Mick and I moved here to be closer to his job and to be near some of his family as well.

When did you first read, or leave about Pride and Prejudice?  Did you automatically realize its significance to your homeland?

I read Pride and Prejudice first with my mother when I was about 10 and fell in love with Elizabeth's character. Later when in my late teens I read it again at school in English Literature classes and fell in love with Mr Darcy. I had watched the first film and the first series but not enjoyed it as I did the 1995 series which brought to mind where I was living and I tried to picture various places where Mr Darcy's Pemberley may have been. After visiting Ringwood Hall where my daughter is getting married I tried to imagine it as Mr Bingley's Home and that Chatsworth would be something similar to Pemberley I love Chatsworth as we would go each year and picnic in the grounds or take a barbecue and the kids would go swimming in the lake or play volley ball.

When did you first fall in love with  Darcy?

When I was about 16 I must have fallen in love with Mr Darcy as I had an old copy of Pride and Prejudice which my grandmother bought me which I read and read till it fell apart and begrudgingly I had to buy another copy as it was the last thing she bought me before her death. I used to look round my library to see if anyone had written a sequel to it but no one had done so and to me I just needed to know what their kids would be like how they got on as a couple and if Lady C caused any trouble.

Did you watch the BBC P&P when it first came out?  Or was it later that your obsession grew?

I was in hospital when the 1995 series came out and did not see it until my mother brought the video for me when I came home to watch it, I fell in love with the series straight away especially Collin Firth. Mum and me have gone through nearly 8 video's and I have four different versions both region 1 and region 2 as they have different out takes on the video. I have been to Sudbury Hall where the insides were used for the series but not Lime Park. I must admit that I love such as Chatsworth and Bakewell plus some of the area's in the Peaks I used to imagine Mr Darcy and Elizabeth riding on their horses. I know most think that Lizzy cannot ride but I think she could but because they did not have a saddle horse to do so then she walked for exercise.

What can you tell us about Derbyshire that all Darcyholics would want to know? 

Derbyshire is beautiful in the summertime, there are plenty of places to go for a picnic or a barbecue such as like I mentioned Chatsworth grounds which are immense, Padley Gorge, which is quite and a good place to go billberry picking (billberrys are similar to blueberry's only that blueberry's are a lot bigger). MonsalDale is a wonderful place to go it has a beautiful viaduct where steam trains used to travel now it is not used and is classed as an ancient monument, I try to imagine that Mr Darcy had helped to provide this for us to travel safely instead of in a carriage. In winter it can be very cold were I live as I live on a hill and you can get rather bitter winds or snow but that is all to the charm of the place for me. Dronfield is not far from Chesterfield home of the crooked spire and not far from the carriage museum I went there with a couple of people from the HG boards and really enjoyed looking around. The people there provided the carriages which the Wickham's, Lady Catherine, the Bingley's, and Mr Darcy used in the series they told us how much they had liked Colin and Chrispin Bonham Carter as they were very polite and very sexy. One of them I spoke to said how Collin just oozed sex which had us laughing.

When did you decide you wanted to write stories of your own?

After finding pemberley.com in early 2000, I devoured all the stories there and began to look around for other sites finding DWG, Drool, Firthness, Darcyfiction and HG. I followed Abigail Reynolds to HG and found her story Impulse and Initiative the adult version. I loved this story as well as others there. After some time I decided to try one of the stories I wrote when I was about 17 about Lady Catherine which I had wrote for myself only. My betas tjean and Sue Forgue helped me smooth out some of the mistakes I had made and also encouraged me to write more. After Lady Catherine's story I wrote Wait Until..., then The Diary of Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam and lastly The Journals of Thomas Bennet.

Tell us a little bit about your stories.

My first story Surprises at Rosings, I based Lady Catherine on my grandmother who really gave me the love for Jane Austen books like my mom and aunt.  I wanted to show her as a loving person who even though she had lost her own immediate family she still loved life and her nephews and neices.  So when Elizabeth goes to Rosings she is surprised by the woman she meets there.

Wait Until...  I had always wondered what would have happened if Mr Darcy had stayed and helped Lizzy when she got the letters.  I also wanted him to help in finding Wickham and Lydia so they could be found without too much time being lost.  I also liked the idea of Mr Bennet knowing the Earl and Mr Darcy's father from his school days and made him godfather to Colonel Fitzwilliam.  The help that Mr Darcy gives has the pair found and sent on their way to Newcastle with the support of a few soldiers whom he has caused problems with by seducing their daughters.  Due to this Wickham cannot gamble or chase women as he did or these soldiers will be their to make sure he spends more time on latrine duty (yuck!)  Also because they both are spent thrifts he and Mr Bennet make sure that their money pays for food, servants and accommodation before any little luxuries.

The Diary Of Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam This has been written through the eyes of the Colonel starting at Ramsgate where Georgiana is nearly trapped into marrying Wickham, going through to the death of Lady Catherine and Anne where he is left Rosings by Anne. Darcy and Elizabeth are mentioned as are all the Bennet sisters. At the end we see him married and very happy. The second half of this book will be posted at DWG as many people have emailed me for the second half to be written so I will post there.  The title will become The Diaries Of Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.
Once it is complete like the other books I have written it will be put on the Internet.  I am not removing the ones that are on the website yet as I feel that my friends on the net deserve to have time to read and save it.  It will eventually be removed from the net but when, I don't know. I may just leave it.

The Journals of Thomas Bennet   A satirical view through the eyes of Mr Bennet starting from the birth of Elizabeth to her and Jane's Marriage.  Then the second part which shows married life for Elizabeth and Jane, and later how he comes to father a son David heir to Longbourn.


  1. Lynne!!! How great to read your interview! And I can't wait to see the pictures Barb is going to post. You make Derbyshire sound as beautiful and inviting as I have always imagined it. One of these days, I'm going to visit your lovely country. Could you make sure Darcy's at home when I drop in?

  2. Lol! If you come over I now have a spare room since my daughter married you could come and stay with me and I could then show you around some of the lovely places.

    I hope that Barbara manages to get the pictures up as they show some of the nicest places in Derbyshire which I used to visit with my husband on a regular basis.

  3. In the above picture my daughter is with me. She gets married soon and I am so looking forward to the wedding

  4. love your derbyshire descriptions! TY for sharing this fun with us and introducing us to your writing..

  5. I am tickled pink that it was your grandmother who gave you your first copy of P&P. Your love for the characters shows in your storylines and your visions for their futures. If I am ever lucky enough to visit Derbyshire, you can count on being my tour guide.

  6. Lynne:

    I am BACK in the hotel with horrible wireless tonight (after having visited with Jan H and Janet T today! Woo Hoo!) But I am headed out tomorrow to return home and to my very good wireless. So you WILL have all of your pictures up. I am going to put them in a separate post on Sunday. Might be in touch with you to be sure I know what each one is and give everyone a tour of the area. Thanks again for your post and being able to get to know you!


  7. Lynne, I enjoyed your interview and I definitely am in love with Colin Firth! (as if you didn’t know)*wink*
    Colin Firth oozing sex...well...the man just can't help himself, can he?!!

    I agree with you about Elizabeth and riding…I always thought that she didn’t ride because they had no horses available to ride. It would make so much sense.

    Your descriptions of the area are wonderful and it makes me want to come for a visit! I can't wait to see the pictures!
    I have enjoyed your stories so much! I think yours was the first nice Lady Catherine I ever read.
    “Wait Until” just captured me completely. Your characters are so real and your writing just brought it all to life.
    Thank you Lynn for all your stories and don't be surprised if you get a knock on your door someday and find me on the other side! *hugs*

  8. Thank you for the great interview!
    So there are different versions of 1995 series? Wow, I would love to find all of them:)

  9. The English version is still the same as the USA version it just has different out takes. I have both 10th anniversary versions and one that comes with a book and a separate dvd which Mary Bennet and Wickham tell of their experiences on the set. Also, there is an interview with Mr Bingley as well but I cannot remember if they also interview Caroline Bingley as well.

    I have just purchased a blueray player so I am going to get the blueray of the film.

  10. To live in Derbyshire it just sounds romantic....Lovely interview thank you for the giveaway! I've done the extras.


  11. I've been in the middle of relocating and have missed many wonderful posts! I'm so glad I came across this one! I have not read "Wait Until..."I'll have to put that on my TBR list! Thanks!