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Friday, April 6, 2012

China F: Can Taxes Make You a Darcyholic?

Welcome China Fuentes!
Hi, Darcyholics!  I am very happy to introduce today one of my international Darcyholic friends, China Fuentes.   A fascintating life, she was born in Cuba, spent Junior High and High School years living in Russia, and now lives in Mexico. But she definitely qualifies as a Darcyholic.  I hope you will enjoy getting to know her as much as I have!
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Can Taxes Make You a Darcyholic? 
My first blackberry, a gift from my husband, had a miserable life. I wasted it on a few calls a week and used it for nothing else. You see, I am one of those people that can’t stop working, and one of those women who thought a smart phone was just something invented to steal your money. This, because, I can do at least 50% of my job in any place: the bathroom (ah, nothing compares if you need concentration to perform this kind of task), the line in the super (if you see I am buying a fire extinguisher, please tell me I should pay more attention and distinguish it from the right item on my list), while driving (be careful if you are the car next to me in the street), in a boring meeting with my boss (don’t tell him I find him boring, it is my darkest secret). Why?—Because I am a theoretical physicist. I teach math and work with a lot of formulae and chemistry software. I am good at forgetting everything around me and focusing on that single calculation that doesn’t seems to fit, or the annoying comment from a referee of a scientific magazine, or the student that doesn’t realize that he can do it!  Calculus is a basic subject for every engineer since Christopher Columbus! (My logic? —If it was conquered so long ago, with enough effort, anyone can learn it!).
Then, one day, this invariably perfect person that is sharing with you was called to the Tax Office.
Oh My God!
Time for fear—when the Tax Office in Mexico starts stalking you, better move to another country—or so I was told.
So, there I was, in that interminable line for ‘The Inquisition’. Thinking of what could I reply to one or the other hypothetical question (I had no real idea of why I was called in the first place, as my taxes are managed by a person I trust and I am totally blind to the process.)
With the passing of the morning, the number of people before me seemed to only grow—together with my restlessness. The ideas in my head were stubbornly fixed on the interview before me. There was no equation or scientific issue good enough to distract my mind.
On top of that, I had nothing but my blackberry with me. What can one do under such dreadful circumstances? I, the most unsociable and taciturn female on Earth?
Well, I didn’t know the answer yet, but Google did. I could read using a page named “Project Gutenberg”.
That is when it happened.
Have you ever watched those scenes in the movies when a person sees a light at the end of a tunnel? Music grows with every note, like you were discovering the truth in the skies? Have you? Good. Because this is what Pride and Prejudice did to me.
I met my soul mate, Mr. Darcy, in a line that I suddenly hoped would never end.
Fitzwilliam Darcy was represented in my mind as the handsome professor that leaves you with your mouth open during the whole class. The one that has this incredible ease of speech. A man who makes any subject so fascinating you wish you hadn’t had a boyfriend somewhere. And, at the end of the class, when you ask if you could keep asking questions while he packs his things, he just disarms you with a shy smile that says, “I am not the smarty you think I am, but I would by no means suspend any pleasure of yours.”
OHHH. There are men out there that can melt Antarctica with a smile—something I found out that first day my addiction started. The moment I rushed to YouTube and Matthew Macfadyen welcomed Lizzy in Pemberley.
And I ask you, do you know what a very tired official from the Tax Office said at the end? That I shouldn’t have waited in that long line, but the little one where the returns of money are made!
God bless Mexican Tax Office for showing me the world of JAFF!
Nowadays, China has totally forgotten about pursuit of numbers and Greek symbols. If you see her distracted bagging your things at the super, she is not doing anything useful—it is because she is daydreaming of Darcy.
You don’t believe me!? You think it is impossible for her to change this much? From the haughty lecturer to the helpless romantic?  In that case, you can corroborate that I am telling the truth if you read her story at Austen Underground.


  1. As one math person to another, welcome to the world of JAFF addiction, China. There's always room for one more!

    1. WOW Gayle, you are a math person too! That is very encouraging. I thought I was the only weirdie around here.

  2. Heh! You should know physics -- a positively charged object (Darcy) and neutral object (you) attract each other. You couldn't help but be attracted to Darcy!

    I must laugh at your experience in the tax office. I too would have been very nervous, but thankfully Darcy was there to distract you from your anxiety. *hugs* to you, and I hope you come out to Stanford University again!

    ~ June

    1. Hi June,
      I am so happy to 'see' you! Yes, I should have known, but, as my life was focused on science alone before that moment, I couldn't possibly know Darcy. Yes, I see that now, so many years wasted like that! This is why I have to take advantage of any free minute now and read every story of him. I am sure you understand :)

      I hope to see you face to face again soon. I LOVE California!
      Hugs, China

  3. Hi China, what a great story - and great to read it!
    You are such a beautiful person. So glad you decided to join the JAFF world. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Trez,
    Your comment really touched my heart. I am very glad of being in JAFF and the many wonderful friends (like you) that I have met. This community is a gift to everyone's life.

  5. China:

    I was so happy you were willing to post 'your story'. You might be the only one that found Darcy in a tax line. That is a NEW one. As April 15th is coming on VERY quickly, this was a VERY appropriate post for this week!

    Thanks for sharing it, and your wonderful pictures!


  6. Barb, Thank YOU!!!
    I was thrilled to post here. It was a great honor and a nice challenge.
    ...and I am glad to make you see taxes from another perspective. LOL

  7. China,
    It is such a beautiful story. Who knew that taxes and Darcy could be so joined in such a wonderful way. I just love it. The is only one thing I will dispute in your story. Unsociable and taciturn people, really- no way. I have never seen it. I see a wonderful, intelligent, funny person. You will never convince me that you are taciturn and unsociable.


    1. Well, my dear friend, you know that a tied tongue guest a little bit of freedom when the person meets interesting people. So, the day I met you-Linda, Barb, Zuki, Ruth and Melissa, doesn't counts as a normal day.
      But, the moment I have to do any bureaucracy- that is something that gets me into panic easily. No, no, I may get not only unsociable and taciturn under such circumstances, I think I can have a "fit of nerves" that even Mrs. Bennet could not compete with.
      Take care! It was VERY nice to read you here.

  8. HI China, another math person here! I taught college preparatory math for several years. I loved your telling of meeting Mr. Darcy in that line you hoped would never end! Oh , the many ways we become Darcyholics are amazing! Great post! It was a great post and I will read your story!

    1. Hi JT!

      Preparatory math is my favorite! I envy you that, because in preparatory we have enough time to spend explaining things with detail and we make much less theory demonstrations. Isn't that much more fun?

      Would you tell me your name or nickname? It is strange calling someone "JT".


    2. Yes, it is much more fun. My favorites were Algebra II and Trig. I taught PreCal one year but was in a smaller school so didn't always have students at that level. (or wanting that level!)

      My name is Janet Taylor. I am Janet T on some blogs. I thought about changing to that here but haven't yet. When I do artwork, I always sign it JT. Also my website is JT Originals where I have my nature photos and note card business.

      Thanks for the reply!

  9. Janet, is your website the following: http://jt-originals.com/default.htm?
    Because I LOVED it!