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Might not be complete yet, but I want it to be.  So if I have missed your site or blog, please email me at barbaratillercole@gmail.com and I will add it!
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Story Boards Restricting Story Posts and Comments to Members
Member Story Boards, Include Some Age Restricted Posts
Archival or Posting Boards Comprising Groups of Authors
Authors' Personal Websites

Archival Fanfiction Websites  
Archival Fanfiction Sites Requiring Password
Review Sites, Story Recommendations, Guest Posts (Sites might include other than Austenesque Publications)
Author Resources
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Jane Austen Blogs, Review Sites, News, Information, etc.


Drawings or Photos Illustrating the Novels
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  1. What an amazing list! Thanks for including The Calico Critic. Now I have several dozen hours that I need to allot to perusing all of these!


  2. Hey Barb! Here I am...

    If I may be so bold, there's my infant blog 'Hot Rio Chick'. Just a place to babble about Darcy and Lizzie, very naughtly, Brazilian style.


    Thanks, bj