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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Winners and Author Chat Announcements!

Winners of the 'All For The Love Of Darcy' Contests AND My Author Chat at Meryton.com/aha at 1pm EST, 11 AM PST Today, March 23!!

And The Winner of the Kindle with eBooks from:
Barbara Tiller Cole, Both of her books
Maria Grace, Volumes 1 and 2 of the Given Good Principles Series
Brenda Bigbee, Both of her books
Linda Wells, One of her Books
Karen Amindr, Charlotte
Ruth Oakland, My BFF
Nancy Kelly, Loving Miss Darcy
Sally Smith-O'Rourke, Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen
P. O. Dixon, Bewitched, Body and Soul
Marsha Altman, One of her Books
Nina Bennetton, Compulsively Mr. Darcy
A Copy of Jane Austen's Works for Kindle
Abigail Reynolds, Mr. Darcy's Refuge
Susan Mason-Milks, Mr. Darcy's Proposal
Sharon Lathan, One of her eBooks
Laurel Ann Nattress, Jane Austen Made Me Do It
Grand Prize Winner IS.....TiDubb (Tina Brown Wheatley) 

Winner of Softcover Book of your choice by Linda Wells
IS.....Di/Diane Sallans
Charlotte by Karen Amindra
IS.....Jeanna Ellsworth 
Longbourn State of Mind by Rebecca Thumann
IS..... LisaS
Friendship of a Special Kind by Moira Bianchi
IS.....Lieder Madchen 
My BFF by Ruth Oakland
IS..... Mari/Marilyn
Holiday Man by Marilyn Brant
IS.....Amanda (K Di.) 
A Book by Abigail Reynolds
IS..... Michele Fidler
An "I Love Darcy' Gift Set from Bath given by Nina Bennetton


  1. Congrats everyone! Enjoy your prizes!

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely prize!! I am super excited!

  3. Ehm - The winner of the set given by Nina Bennetton is Casseopia or Cassiopea?

  4. Hello? I really don't know what to do (I'm pretty sure it's just an accidental misspelling)