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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aimee, June and Enid: G.E.O.R.G.E. Interviews the Authors of 'Honor and Integrity'

Welcome Aimee Avery, June Williams and Enid Wilson to Darcyholic Diversions!

Hi, Darcyholics!  I am very happy to introduce to you a lovely trio of women.  I have know all of them for quite awhile in the Austen world.  Aimee was the designer of my first book cover and we have shared coffe at Starbucks and a meal! Enid helped me figure out some formatting problems with uploading eBooks, and June has been an avid supporter and friend (and one of the best commenters there is here on my blog!).  They have a new book that they have written together and are joining me today in a special interview that GEORGE did of the three of them.   

Don't forget to read any posts from June you might have missed as it has been busy!  There are many give aways and I will be drawing either tonight or tomorrow during the day; and there are now July give-aways as well!  Included in the list of June give aways are posts from Kara Louise, Becky Thumann, Sharon Lathan and Shannon Winslow as well as Laura Ann Nattress; as well as the posts from Gayle Mills, Jan Ashe, Stephanie Hamm and Krista Bagley.  Read ALL of them and don't forget to comment!  Comments are your entries to WIN those giveaways! 

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G.E.O.R.G.E. Interviews the Authors of 'Honor and Integrity'

Darcyholic Diversions is happy to welcome Aimée Avery, June Williams and Enid Wilson to the blog today! They are well known writers from the JAFF community and have just published a short story collection called Honor and Integrity. They even challenged each other to write a tag-along story for the book, where Aimée started the tale called G.E.O.R.G.E. without telling her two co-authors about the plot or direction. Enid brought the story quietly to the future, without whispering a word to June. Poor June had to wrap it up without changing any of the details from the previous two authors. As an added treat, G.E.O.R.G.E. will join in this guest post and interview the ladies. OMG! George Wickham is visiting my blog?! But no, this Wickham doesn’t seem to be the scoundrel who seduces young girls…
G.E.O.R.G.E.:  Pleasure is given in gaining everyone’s acquaintance. I am designated as Genetically Engineered Organic Robot Growth Experiment or G.E.O.R.G.E. Joshua Wick and Robert Hamm created me; they are my fathers. I have emerged to interrogate female triad that has inscribed anthology “Honor and Integrity: A Collection of Pride & Prejudice-Inspired Short Stories.” It would pleasure me to comprehend your designations.
Aimée Avery: Huh?
Enid Wilson: This guy is charming, but I don’t know what he’s saying.
June Williams: I think he wants to know our names.
Aimée: Oh! I’m Aimée.
Enid: I’m Enid and that’s June.
June: Hi.
George: Greetings and felicitations. Please inform the collective your argument for fabrication of tome.
Enid: What? Oh, you want to know why we wrote this book! Okay, I thought it would be fun to challenge Aimée and June to write short stories that contained the words “honor” and “integrity.” These two words describe our dear boy very much.
George: Our dear boy? Who is precious male child?
June: Our dear boy, or ODB, is Mr. Darcy!
Aimée: Did that guy just grab himself?
Enid: Yeah! Why, I think he reminds me of someone.
June: He is good looking, but this George guy is no Darcy.
Aimée: OMG! He did it again!
George: Give reason for frequent utterance of intimate benefactor’s designation?
June: Intimate benefactor?
GEORGE: Contributor of intercellular layer.
Aimée: You mean Darcy donated some skin to you? Stop grabbing your privates, dude! You’re in the presence of ladies!
Enid: He’s scratching his groin. He really reminds me of someone.
June: He's making Aimée embarrassed. Look how flushed she is, just thinking of Darcy and privates in the same breath. <evil giggle>
Enid: Are we talking about the same woman who sleeps with a pillow that has Colin Firth’s face on it?
June: It’s the only way she gets to sleep with Mr. Darcy.
Aimée: <cough>
June: Let's do an experiment. Hey, George, think of Darcy. Look, Aimée! His package is growing.
Aimée: <laughs hysterically while peeking>
June: George, now think of Caroline Bingley. Look, Aimée! It’s shrinking.
Aimée: <wheezing> Can't breathe.
June: George! Go into super-Darcy mode. Hey! His package is huge, and his biceps and abs are enormous. Wait! Are you growing wings and a halo?
Enid: Stop! You're writing a new story!
George: Please utter vindication for theme of narratives.
June: We’re big fans of Jane Austen’s writings, especially Pride and Prejudice. Your, um, ‘intimate benefactor’ has a pretty big part in that story.
Enid: Mr. Darcy is really hot!
George: I am guaranteed Darcy possesses a core temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, 37.0 degrees Celsius, 310.15 degrees Kelvin, 558.27 degrees Rankine, 46.25 degrees Réaumur, 94.5 degrees Delisle and 112.12 degrees Newton.
Aimée: Enid is describing his sexual attractiveness, not his body temperature.
Enid: Yes, I love steamy Darcy.
June: He's yummy!
Enid: Darcylicious!
Aimée: Oy! I need some joe.
George: I am not acquainted with Joe. Please present the human Joe for formal audience.
June: Sure, when we’re done here. We can go to Starbucks.
Aimée: Now we’re talking!
George: I possess uncertainty.
Enid: It’s okay. You’ll like it. I can share some hot chocolate with you.
George: Collective would like to possess knowledge of your commencement into JAFF? What is JAFF?
June: Jane Austen Fan Fiction. When we read Jane's stories, sometimes we wonder what would happen if the characters were put in slightly different situations, or we think of the minor characters. So much of Pride and Prejudice occurs due to coincidences like when Darcy just happens to arrive at Pemberley as Lizzy is walking the grounds or Darcy arrives at the Lambton Inn as Lizzy is reading Jane's letters. As creative thinkers, it's like a game for us – change even one thing in the story and see if we can still get Lizzy and Darcy together! As for me, I've never liked Wickham, so in my stories, he always ends up dead or suffering – preferably dead.
Aimée: I traveled around a lot when I was a little girl. Imagination is quite portable so I used it to continue stories after books ended or when I couldn’t watch favorite TV programs. Then I discovered pocket-sized paperbacks that did exactly that! I had many Star Trek books as well as the Partridge Family. I was into David Cassidy. He was my Darcy when I was about 10-years-old. When I was 11, I picked up Jane Austen’s Emma. I was enthralled. Soon after that, I devoured Pride and Prejudice and fell in love with Mr. Darcy. I read it many times and would add scenes or change things up in my mind. I bought my first computer modem in 1995 and it wasn’t long after that I found JAFF.  I read all that I could find and hung out in the background for many years. Sometime in 2005, I started commenting on stories then ventured into writing. I shared my first story when my husband deployed to Iraq. I’m happy to have entertained a few people with my stories and very honored to have made friends like June and Enid.
Enid: I started out writing a Dancing with the Stars and Pride and Prejudice mash-up drabble, featuring Darcy and Lizzy in hot sexy dances. Since then, I’ve been addicted to steamy Darcys.
Aimée: I remember that one!
June: Me too!
George: I have gratitude for your utterances, except for articulation of my demise. May I demonstrate to the female triad the contribution of my intimate benefactor?
Aimée: Can we do it at Starbucks?
Enid: Oh, there are always some hot guys there.
June: I think you’re addicted.
George: A dependency to sexual attractive males?
June: Well, I meant Aimée’s dependency on caffeine, but I think you could say Enid is addicted to hot guys.
Enid:  Especially Darcy.
George: I am partial to crystalline xanthine alkaloid especially when presented when butterfat mixed with oxygen.
June: Oh… kay.
Enid: Aimée and I are getting a Darcy latte.
Aimée: Definitely! Hey, George, when we get to Starbucks can you tell me why you keep grabbing your package?
June: And if Darcy was still a virgin when he met Elizabeth?
George: I will inform you of anything for a chalice of crystalline xanthine alkaloid.
Aimée: Let’s go!

About the Authors – Aimée Avery, a California native, became a world traveler at the tender age of six. Moving from place to place, she spent a good deal of time dreaming up situations for her favorite characters from books and television. She put her imagination to work and earned a degree in graphic design, with a minor in journalism. Aimée is currently employed in the newspaper industry and is happily married and living along California’s beautiful Central Coast. You can contact her via email at ThePemberleyCafe@gmail.com.

June Williams has always loved to write, although her first book – written at age eleven – had only one copy. In her checkered career path, she taught English as a Second Language, wrote for a U.S. Congressman and a business magazine, created technical manuals, ran a startup, and wrote advertising copy. She lives in Northern California.

Enid Wilson loves sexy romance. Her writing career began with a daily newspaper, writing educational advice for students. She then branched out into writing marketing materials and advertising copy. Enid lives in beautiful Sydney, Australia. She loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her at enid.wilson28@yahoo.com.au or www.enidwilson.com.

Aimée, June and Enid are giving away an eBook copy of Honor and Integrity. Entries will be based on comments on the blog post.


  1. Oh my, thank you for that great laugh and peek into your collective imaginations! I have enjoyed Enid's steaminess, Aimee's story that she wrote with her husband in mind, and June, well, your imagination is always a great boost to mine. I really look forward to reading your book!


  2. Thank you Barbara for having me and Linda for commenting. How do you find George Wick Hamm? I've an argument with Aimee about him. He shouldn't be adorable. He is distracting readers' attention from time traveler Darcy!

  3. Steamy time traveler Darcy, I meant.

  4. I am really loving this book on my Kindle, so far I have only read the one about Lady Anne Darcy and loved how mischievous she is. I have decided as it is short stories to read 1 story at a time so that I can enjoy them and also try to imagine who wrote what.

    I am really loving these stories so far.

  5. This was so funny, Ladies! If your book is half this sexy and entertaining, I can't wait to read it :)

  6. Thank you Lynne and China, that's one thing good about short story. You can choose to read whenever you want and no need to stay up late. Great that you find it entertaining. Did you find G.E.O.R.G.E sexy? I think he's a bit clueless. ODB is much better.

  7. But G.E.O.R.G.E. wants to be just like ODB! He already has one of the best parts. ;)

  8. Oh, so it's Wickham who is the interviewer. Loved the style of the interview, 3 gals against the bad guy even though I don't really get what Wickham is asking. Hehehe

    Definitely on my wish list!

  9. Hi Luthien, Wick Hamm is a robot. So he speaks strangely. Giggle. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  10. Hilarious! I've got to read this book! Hmmm.. Starbucks and hot guys. I love it there there too and not just for the coffee.

    Did all the extras.


  11. Thank you Margaret for commenting. We don't have a lot of Starbucks here in Sydney but we can still watch hunks passing by in other cafes.