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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saucy Salutation with Suzan

Saucy Salutations with Suzan:
An Interview with Suzan Lauder
by Barbara Tiller Cole

I am thrilled to have Suzan Lauder with me today here at Darcyholic Diversions.   We have so much in common, that I have really enjoyed exchanging emails with her.  I hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did!    I DO want to apologize to all of you, and particularly Suzan, for the font formatting in this post. I have spent 2 hours trying to make it look the same why I have put it into the post when I post it for publication and I just can’t fix it.  I will try again later, but I want to get the post out there since it is late today!  Please use your magnifying glass if you need to, but this is a delightful post from Suzan!  Thanks to all!  

BTCole:  Hi Suzan.  I am so happy that you decided to stop by Darcyholic Diversions today and give us a chance to know you better.  Let’s start by getting to know a little bit about you.  Where are you from and who lives with you? 
Suzan:  I'm a proud Canadian. Have a husband of 32 years and two cats, no kids. I'm originally from the prairies but I now live on beautiful Vancouver Island (off the west coast) for half the year in an ocean view modern loft condo. For the winter, we go to our tiny Spanish colonial house in the Centro Historico of a city in Mexico.
BTCole:  Wow!  That’s exciting!  From the beauty of Vancouver Island to the charm and history of Mexico. 
Suzan:  We bought the 150-year old house because no one would rent to us with cats, and I couldn't go away for that length of time without my kitties.
BTCole:  Well, I couldn’t go away long without my dogs!  So I understand that part!  Owning a house in Mexico!   How exciting!  Do you have a job other than writing?
Suzan:    As for work, I'm a mechanical engineer with an MBA and hold a position at a university as a mid-level manager. However, I'm on a medical leave. I struggle with PTSD and treatment-resistant depression so it takes me about three times as long as other authors to write a book. I'm very open about my mental illness.
BTCole:  Well, I admire your willingness to share about your struggles. In my ‘other’ life I have worked in behavioral health for many years now.  And have had some struggles of my own.  So I appreciate your willingness to talk about it.  I have learned that the worse experiences I have had in my life, with time, God spins them into gold to help someone else. 
Suzan:  I have social anxiety disorder so I have a hard time making friends, but once you know me, I'm a chatterbox.
BTCole:  Well, I hope that I am now considered a friend because I have loved your openness in sharing!  I  bet you have travelled a lot, living in Canada and Mexico.
Suzan:   Over my career as an engineer, I've travelled in northern and remote Canada, and I love to travel. As a result, I've used practically every type of toilet invented. I'm fascinated by the evolution of the toilet, and how far it was evolved in the Regency, yet I haven't yet used it in a book.
BTCole:  What about hobbies? 
Suzan:  Hobbies include independent travel (that means "seat of the pants" itineraries and inexpensive trips), creating original designs for Regency costuming, reading JAFF and Regency romances, researching Regency trivia for my books, beta reading for a popular JAFF author, yoga and weights classes, and trying to learn a little Spanish so I can speak with our neighbours in Mexico.
BTCole:  How did you discover Jane Austen?
Suzan:  I discovered Jane Austen when I was 49 and very depressed and I say she saved my life. I had decided to read classics that I’d missed out in the past—I’m an engineer, so I don’t have any literature classes beyond high school. Someone had given me a dog-eared copy of Northanger Abbey, and I recalled that a couple of my friends liked Jane Austen and thought I’d give her a try. WOW.  
My first novel was therapy, but it's turned into fun.  A few years later, my online JAFF friends helped me through a difficult time when I changed medications. So JAFF is very important in my life.
BTCole:  I agree. I think that Jane saved my life as well.  I know you have written more than just your recent novel...
Suzan:  On top of the three published books, I have a novel and a novella at AHA that will likely never be published. One has too much music in it and would cost too much for the royalties. The novella is just a bit too amateurish, though other authors would have published the latter ages ago! LOL. I love being a beta and when I get better, I'd like to take an editing course and do better quality editing.  I'm known on the JAFF posting boards as redhead, and I identify with the hair colour that's now streaked with grey as a special part of who I am. Grandpa used to call me "Rusty.”
BTCole:  NOW I know who you are!  Isn’t it interesting how well we get to know each other with our screen names.  That just clicked!  What else would you like us to know about you?
Suzan:  I live in a home with organized messiness, that is, I have little stacks of books, magazines, files, or similar items here and there, but I know what's in them, and they're out to remind me to read them. My husband dislikes it but he lives with it!
BTCole:  I am not the neatest of housekeepers either!   I see you are a fan of comedy. What are your favorite comedies and did any inspire your latest book?
Suzan:  There are too many classic comedies both in movies and on television to mention, but I particularly liked “Cheers” on TV and practically anything with Jamie Lee Curtis in it. Sam Malone was a bit of a #HOTCollins. But I don’t like all comedy—I avoid those ones aimed at teen boys. 
BTCole:  I love comedy!  Scrooged was one of my primary inspirations for Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy!  And I WANT to finish my long incomplete Adventures of a Darcyholic with a It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ending.  But I am having trouble writing it, hence it being incomplete.    So, when and how did you fall in love with Jane Austen and her characters?
Suzan:  As soon as I read the snarky “asides” about liking novels in Northanger Abbey, I was hooked. It’s Austen’s hard-boiled side that I enjoy the best. I see her books as comedies of manners, as skewering the class system, marriage habits, women’s roles, etiquette, and rules of her day. The romance is just a platform for that social commentary. Although I try to emulate her voice a little bit, my books aren’t nearly so clever.
BTCole:  I like the comedienne in Jane myself!  How were you inspired to write your latest story ?
Suzan:  I got the idea for “What if Mr. Collins was the handsomest man you’d ever seen, but otherwise still himself?” and ran with it. It was pretty easy to imagine the reactions of each character based on their personalities in Pride and Prejudice, because Austen is a master at drawing out characters in her work. All I had to do was take the slice of the book where Collins arrives and have everyone react to it, kind of like improv comedy. It almost wrote itself!
BTCole:  Was your handsome but shallow Mr. Collins inspired by anyone in particular in your life?  Did you have any particular actor or character in mind when you wrote his section?
Suzan: Collins wasn’t inspired by a real person, but his personality was straight out of Austen, with embellishments to make him vain about his looks as well. Visually, I had actors Joe Manganiello and Ben Stiller and artist John Constable as muses, as noted in the blog post at JustJane1813 on October 27 
BTCole:  Are you working on anything new now?
Suzan:   I’m writing a mystery-suspense that involves dreadful injury, mistaken identities, and an enduring love for Darcy and Elizabeth throughout the book, even though they’re separated. It’s yet unnamed. I also have several stories that are about 1/3 completed and need my attention to finish them, including a sequel/prequel for Letter from Ramsgate.
BTCole:  Well you will have to come back to see us when you finish one of those!  Or better, both!  Anything else you would like our readers to know? 
Suzan:  I’m fairly shy and have Social Anxiety Disorder, so you have to know me to get a taste of my teasing wit. Mr. Suze told me he thought Colin Firth was goofy looking so my rebound comment was that Colin sort of looks a little like Mr. Suze—I said “he has the same face shape as you, at least!” I’m saving the hair comparison for later!
Book Links:

A Most Handsome Gentleman Media Kit
By Suzan Lauder
Book Blurb:

Elizabeth Bennet’s life is uncomplicated until she meets a quartet of new men: the haughty but handsome Mr. Darcy, the pert-with-a-pout Mr. Bingley, the confident and captivating Mr. Wickham—and then there is her father’s cousin, the happy man towards whom almost every female eye has turned.

Mr. Collins is HOT—well, incredibly handsome in Regency-speak—beautiful of face, fine of figure, elegant of air, his perfect clothing and hair matching his Greek god-like form. Unfortunately, when he opens his mouth, Elizabeth wishes he were mute. With affected servility and prideful self-conceit, he capitalizes upon his exquisite appearance and fixes on Jane Bennet as his bride.

Can Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy form an alliance to stop Jane’s suitors from issuing challenges—and will Elizabeth coax a smile from Mr. Darcy?

Bestselling Regency romance author Suzan Lauder delivers a hilarious Austenesque romance suitable for all readers of Pride and Prejudice.

Author Bio:

A lover of Jane Austen, Regency period research and costuming, cycling, yoga, blogging, and independent travel, cat mom Suzan Lauder is seldom idle.

Her first effort at a comedy, A Most Handsome Gentleman is the fourth time Lauder has been published by Meryton Press. Her earlier works include a mature Regency romance with a mystery twist, Alias Thomas Bennet, a modern short romance Delivery Boy in the holiday anthology Then Comes Winter, and the dramatic tension filled Regency romance Letter from Ramsgate.

She and Mr. Suze split their time between a loft condo overlooking the Salish Sea and a
150-year-old Spanish colonial home near the sea in Mexico.

Suzan’s lively prose is also available to her readers on her blog, road trips with the redhead www.suzan.lauder.merytonpress.com, on her Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/SuzanLauder, and on Twitter @suzanlauder.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Why Behind the Bennet Wardrobe Books

The Why Behind the Bennet Wardrobe Books

by Don Jacobson

(BTCole:  I am very happy to have Don Jacobson here with us again at Darcyholic Diversions.  Don has released the latest novella in his Bennet Wardrobe series.  Don will be giving away an copy of the his latest novella to a lucky commenter.
For any of you who missed his my interview with Don earlier this year, the link is:
Sometimes I get way inside of my head. Usually it happens when I am trying to understand the motivation of one of the characters in a Bennet Wardrobe or Pride & Prejudice Variation novel/novella scrolling its way through my keyboard.
However, I also tend to do a lot of self-analysis…to try to better understand my own motivations.
In other words: why do I write?
Early in my life, I wrote to make a living. My first “real job” was as a wire service reporter in Chicago. Learned to get and tell the 4-1-1. Learned to write to deadline. Then I worked as a copywriter for both consumer and business products. Learned to understand and communicate the needs of both the clients and the users.
The one common question I had to ask as I was developing each of these efforts “Why?” Whether it was a victim of a car wreck, a perpetrator of a robbery, a company selling a 2-way radio, or a person looking to buy a forklift, I had to ask what would motivate them to take the action that would be under the microscope.
Asking why became a habit.   
Of course, my parents would have asserted that I had an infuriating predilection to asking “Why” when they would have wished that I would have nodded!  When I began to deeply read JAFF in 2013…and to revisit the Canon…I found myself asking “Why” quite a bit. Not necessarily “Why did Austen sketch (insert character name) like this,” but rather “Why would (insert character name) act as he/she did?”
Of all of the novels (and I do dearly love Mansfield Park), Pride and Prejudice stands out as a masterpiece of caricature—prosy and bookish Mary, coughing and nervous Kitty, fun and (charitably) flirtatious Lydia, indolent and resigned Thomas, excitable and oblivious Mrs. B…and…well you get my drift. That evil child deep inside me clamored to ask Ms Austen “why?” But, of course I could not.
That brings me to the Bennet Wardrobe. This arose from my unconscious mind as a solution to whatever problems may have been holding back Mary, Kitty, Lydia, and Thomas. And, with the alterations in their personalities brought about by their understanding of their problems caused by their experiences in the future, what sort of persons would they become?
In The Keeper: Mary Bennet’s Extraordinary Journey, I took the opportunity to explore the roots of Mary’s difficulties and then her emergence from Austen’s trop-driven image. Ultimately, the moralist evolves into an activist for social justice. Of course, the Wardrobe intervened by sending a man from the 18th Century into her time in the early 19th. And then Mary took matters into her own hands.
Later, I considered why Kitty would retreat into coughing nerves even though she was a beautiful young woman of one of the leading houses in the neighborhood. Part 1 of the second volume of the Bennet Wardrobe, The Exile: Kitty Bennet and the Belle Époque, examines how the roots of Kitty’s personality were shaped as a six-year-old child.
I wrote Henry Fitzwilliam’s War before Belle Époque to explore the personality of a totally new character, one destined to become Kitty Bennet’s love interest, the Viscount of Matlock, Henry Fitzwilliam. The Wardrobe was integral in this.
Then there were questions about Thomas Bennet’s treatment of his children. Why would an obviously intelligent man begin to withdraw deeper into his own bookish self? The suggestion that he could not control his wife’s behavior, and thus withdrew into his bookroom to endure rather than shape seemed far too convenient for me.  While the current novella, Lizzy Bennet Meets the Countess, is primarily about one half of ODC, I chose to use her time travel as a way to suggest a possible reason for why Thomas Bennet acted as he did.
Subsequent volumes…The Exile: The Countess Visits Longbourn, The Avenger: Thomas Bennet and A Father’s Lament, and  The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and the Soldier’s Portion will explore resolutions for each of the title characters.
And, then there will be one final volume that will explore the motivations of the Wardrobe itself. The Grail: The Saving of Elizabeth Darcy will bring the saga of the Bennet Wardrobe to a close.
I hope that you will join me in the journey into the “Why” of it all.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Brooding around with Jessie Lewis

Brooding around with Jessie Lewis

by Barbara Tiller Cole

Jessie, I am so happy to have you visiting us here at Darcyholic Diversions. Your new book,  Mistaken is a treasure trove!  Today with so many people writing shorter multi book series, it is nice to find a solid, fun meaty book to read! 

Thank you for having me here, Barbara! It's great to be able to chat. Ask away - what would you like to know? 

I know you are from England, land of Jane Austen herself.  Tell us where you have lived so we can know how it might have influenced your writing!

I grew up in a sleepy little naval town on the south coast of England. My school was on the beach and when you were in the maths classrooms in the turret (yes, it had a turret! It was an old Victorian house), you could just make out Queen Victoria's Summer Residence, Osborne House, over on the Isle of Wight. The story I'm currently working on is based in this location. 

I've lived in Hertfordshire for may years now - Bennet county! I adore it here and am lucky enough to be surrounded by huge, grand Georgian houses and parks to inspire my writing.

Is writing your career job?

Yes, I'm lucky enough to be able to treat writing as my day job. Before I took the plunge into writing, I used to work in academic administration, but it was a means to an end and writing is my vocation. I'm thoroughly enjoying being able to concentrate on it more.

Well, academic administration might have given you a desire to do something else from what I have heard from a friend of mine, lol.  When you are aren't writing what do you do with your time? 

Well, it might sound silly, but I love writing. I often choose to write over any other activity - especially TV which I rarely watch (apart from Game of Thrones, of course!).

Oh, I am a GOT fan as well!  I knew there had to be some cross over GOT lovers out there!  

I'm secretly proud of having discovered the books years before HBO got hold of them, but I love the series just as much. But as well as writing and immersing myself in dragon-lore, I love spending time with my kids, family and friends. I enjoy reading, though I do far too little of it. I play the piano - about as well as Elizabeth Bennet, if not a little worse - and I love walking. For the last four years I've taken part in endurance walking events for charity. It's great fun and keeps me in shape - which is good because my favourite hobby is eating chocolate and drinking wine. 

I'm also fascinated by old houses. Probably because my parents used to take my brother and me visiting them all the time when we were younger. I adore trying to imagine how people used to live. Also, my own family history is quite interesting - my 4xgreat uncle was Roger Fenton, famous photographer of the Crimean War. He and his family were quite well to-do and owned estates and houses and bank balances that would have rivalled Mr Darcy's back in that era. Sadly, the whole lot was lost on bad investments (darn it!) but I love trawling through all the family records, seeing all the houses they used to own and all the people they used to associate with, peers and royalty included. There's a novel in all of that somewhere that I will write one day. I'm brewing that plot bunny while I work on other things ;) 

That is fascinating. My great grandfather owned a large section of what is now the high rent district in Greater Atlanta.  Glad I didn't know that until I got older...  I will be interested to see where that plot bunny goes. I have an entire farm of bunnies I am afraid.   How did you discover Austen's works and what inspired you writing etc. 

I studied Austen at school and loved her. I watched the 95 P&P miniseries and loved her even more. But it wasn't until I was at home with very young children that I really got stuck into Pride and Prejudice with a bit more zeal. (You go a bit stir crazy when you only have babies to talk to, so Austen's wit was a welcome sanctuary!) I adore Austen's humour. It's quintessentially English; sarcastic, tongue in cheek, but never mean-sprited. I wish directors of TV and movie adaptations would show more of it, but they always focus on the drama and the brooding. It's a shame, because I don't think most people associate Austen with humour and they ought to. 

I think that is why over the years I have come to really like Emma.  At least when adaptations are done of that novel we see the humor of Jane Austen.  It is hysterical that you mention the work 'brood'.  I was part of a work group that wanted to name themselves the brood.  I just insisted on not doing that.  We ended up being the 'colony' which I don't like either, but it much better than than the brood.

So did you become addicted to brooding Mr. Darcy?  

Well, he's difficult not to love, isn't he? Once I got myself re-hooked (as it were) on Mr Darcy, I discovered JAFF, and read an embarrassing quantity of that before I decided to have a go myself. It was nice to get back to writing. My job before I had kids didn't involve writing, because, frankly, it doesn't pay the bills! But I studied Literature and Philosophy at university and adore writing and playing with words, so finding that I hadn't completely lost the ability to string a sentence together was a very pleasant surprise. 

So what was the inspiration for 'Mistaken'?  

Mainly - and I think this is probably true for most people who read JAFF - I just wanted to see Darcy and Elizabeth's 'what next' told my way. I have a lot of favourite JAFF stories - many that I absolutely love and re-read very often - but inevitably there are always parts where I say "No! Don't do that to them! Don't let this happen!" I wanted to try and write a story that answered all my personal wishes for how they would succeed as a couple. There were a few unfortunate side effects for other characters along the way, but I soon learnt that the tension in a story has to come from somewhere, and I was determined that in mine it wasn't going to come from Darcy and Elizabeth.

I enjoyed your humor!  I think that I have an comedian inside of me so I appreciate that in others. Without giving away too much, I enjoyed the humor of Bingley's character.  I have trouble with Bingley. I often accidentally leave him out...  Tell me what inspired you in regards to his character in your story?

In canon, I see Bingley as quite immature, with too little conviction in his own opinions, too much reliance on the opinions of others, and not enough responsibility to accept the fault when it's his. His thoughtlessness when he leaves Jane without word simply because Darcy and his sisters tell him to, makes him selfish. That's what I played with in Mistaken. I've kept him in character, in that he is still well-intentioned and affable, and also still capricious and thoughtless. What's different in Mistaken is that he's unchecked (Darcy refuses to advise him any more) and as a result, his worst traits are accentuated. He is not unkind and never malicious, but he's completely oblivious and far too ready to blame everyone else for his misfortunes, simply because nobody told him NOT to make those bad decisions. He's funny because he's clueless, but there does come a point in the story when clueless ceases to be amusing. 

Writing a JAFF story that begins after Darcy and Elizabeth's awful 'Hunsford' moment, enables the exploration of how they both set about correcting their misconceptions. It was fun dealing with a character (Bingley) who'd had no such self-awakening and was still bumbling along entirely unawares, just as Elizabeth and Darcy were before they smacked each other down with a few home truths. It's surprising just how much of a pickle a person can get themselves into just by being oblivious to his own faults! 

Do you have a new story that you are writing?

Yes, I'm working on another regency story, though this one isn't JAFF. I have a few plot bunnies for other P&P spin offs which I will hopefully get to, but this other one is champing at the bit to be written so I'm pandering to the muse and going with it. To anyone who knows how long it took me to finish Mistaken I will just say that I am aiming to get this one finished sooner! 

Anything else you would to share with the readers here at Darcyholic Diversions?

Thank you for popping in to listen to me chat with Barbara, everybody! Feel free to ask me other questions in the comments if there's anything you want to know that we haven't covered, or you can interact with me on Twitter, FaceBook or my blog (links below). I hope you enjoy the story!

Mistaken Media Kit
By Jessie Lewis


Fitzwilliam Darcy is a single man in possession of a good fortune, a broken heart, and tattered pride. Elizabeth Bennet is a young lady in possession of a superior wit, flawed judgement, and a growing list of unwanted suitors. With a tempestuous acquaintance, the merciless censure of each other’s character, and the unenviable distinction of a failed proposal behind them, they have parted ways on seemingly irreparable terms. Despairing of a felicitous resolution for themselves, they both attend with great energy to rekindling the courtship between Darcy’s friend Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth’s sister Jane.

Regrettably, people are predisposed to mistake one another, and rarely can two be so conveniently manoeuvred into love without some manner of misunderstanding arising. Jane, crossed in love once already, is wary of Bingley’s renewed attentions. Mistaking her guardedness for indifference, Bingley is drawn to Elizabeth’s livelier company; rapidly, the defects in their own characters become the least of the impediments to Darcy and Elizabeth’s happiness.

Debut author Jessie Lewis’s Mistaken invites us to laugh along with Elizabeth Bennet at the follies, nonsense, whims, and inconsistencies of characters both familiar and new in this witty and romantic take on Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice.

Author Bio:
I’ve always loved words—reading them, writing them, and as my friends and family will wearily attest, speaking them. I dabbled in poetry during my angst-ridden teenage years, but it wasn’t until college that I truly came to comprehend the potency of the English language.
That appreciation materialised into something more tangible one dark wintry evening whilst I was making a papier-mâché Octonauts Gup-A (Google it—you’ll be impressed) for my son, and watching a rerun of Pride and Prejudice on TV. Fired up by the remembrance of Austen’s genius with words, I dug out my copy of the novel and in short order had been inspired to set my mind to writing in earnest. I began work on a Regency romance based on Austen’s timeless classic, and my debut novel Mistaken is the result.
The Regency period continues to fascinate me, and I spend a good deal of my time cavorting about there in my daydreams, imagining all manner of misadventures. The rest of the time I can be found at home in Hertfordshire, where I live with my husband, two children, and an out-of-tune piano. You can check out my musings on the absurdities of language and life on my blog, Life in Words, or you can drop me a line on Twitter, @JessieWriter or on my Facebook page, Jessie Lewis Author,  or on Goodreads, Jessie Lewis.
Contact Info is within the author bio. (with embedded links)

Buy Links:

Mistaken   (Amazon US)
Mistaken   (Amazon UK)
Mistaken is also available on Kindle Unlimited

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