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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Regina Jeffers Celebrates her 75th Birthday with a New Book Release!

 In Honor of Her 75th Birthday

Regina Jeffers Celebrates!

With a New Release of a Delightful New Book!

By Barbara Tiller Cole

Recently, Regina Jeffers reached out to me for a brief chat.  In just the last month she turned 75!  And to celebrate that seminal milestone she has released a new book.  When she told me both of her latest birthday and of her book, I was happy to be able to be a part of her celebration.

Let's face it.  None of us are getting any younger.  And each milestone we reach is to be commemorated.  So when Regina and I chatted about her latest book release, in honor of it and her latest birthday I offered to have a little online Birthday Party to celebrate!  

My hope is that each of you that read this will celebrate with her too!  Maybe it will be a happy memory you will to share.  Perhaps it will be some virtual presents you would like to offer to her!  

I remembered today that I was able to share another birthday with Regina some years ago, and even found a picture of the cake!  It was on the occasion of the Decatur Book Festival which was celebrated that year with a large gathering of Jane Austen inspired authors.  I still remember it with fondly! 

Regina was one of the featured speakers on the City Hall Stage (on her birthday) and I was grateful to be chosen as the moderator for the session. (And yes, that is Abigail Reynolds in the picture as well).  

Birthdays are times for remembering good times as well as celebrating achievements.  And this birthday season, for Regina she is celebrating the release of a wonderful new book.  

As many of you know, I don't do formal reviews on Darcyholic Diversions.  As an author myself, I would rather share what I like about the books my friends write and assist them as much as I can in letting others know about their latest treasures.

I was so grateful to get a pre-release copy of Regina's latest release, Elizabeth Bennet's Gallant Suitor.  I have always enjoyed stories with prior connections. The story opens with an unconventional house party held at Stepton Abbey in which Sir Wesley Belwood, a tyrannical baronet, is attempting to match Jane with Colonel Fitzwilliam!  Just learning that I knew that it would be a unique story and it was!  

It isn't long before Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth join forces to assist their relatives in being able to make their own choice, instead of a choice of Sir Belwood's making.  And where the story goes from there I won't tell you you just have to read it!  

I have always found Regina's stories compelling, and this one was equally so, if not more so.  From horse racing, to matchmaking, you will thoroughly enjoy Regina's birthday present from HER to US!

The Elizabeth in this story is spunky and not afraid to say exactly what is on her mind.  And, as she did not meet Fitzwilliam Darcy in a ballroom, but one-on-one, they formed a friendship very early in the book.  It was delightful to me to see that relationship develop as the story proceeded.

I can highly recommend Regina's latest book. I am not going to reveal more as I hope that you will read it!  It will be a 75th birthday present to Regina and to you if you do.

Regina has been busy this week. Her blog tour took off quickly and you might want to look back and see some of her previous stops as well as the one on October 10th.  I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of it.  

The blog tour has prizes!  There are chances to win free eBooks at each stop along the way, plus those who show that they have purchased the book receive 5 extra chances to win a $75 Amazon Gift Card on N. N. Light's blog!  Now that could be a birthday present for YOU!  

So be sure and comment below or Regina nor I will know that you stopped by to read the birthday tribute AND for a chance to win!