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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Darcyholics Anonymous: Meeting of the UK Branch

Welcome Jane Vivash!
Hi, Darcyholics!  What a treat it is to welcome Jane Viviash to Darcyholic Diversions today!  Jane and I met online during the Darcy Wars of 2008; a war with no true winner, but two lovely Darcys--Matthew and Colin!  And later we met in person. What fun we had!  But we are now both retired Generals, and have long since buried the weapons of warfare.  Jane has met her Darcy of choice on many occasions. Today's post will share with you part of her adventure.
 Jane and I in March, 2009--the day that we signed the Peace Treaty!

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Darcyholics Anonymous: Meeting of the UK Branch 

Tell us when you first became a Darcyholic, Jane.

Well, I’d always been a borderline case, since first reading Pride and Prejudice at school, and then seeing the BBC dramatization of the novel in 1995. But I became a fully paid up member after seeing the movie version in 2005 with Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy. There was no stopping my addiction then.

How did it manifest itself?

I was filled with an overwhelming desire to see as much of Mr. Macfadyen’s work as possible. I was already a fan of the Spooks series he’d starred in, and had the box set of DVD’s, but now I searched the internet to find any of his older work, and dreamed of the day I might actually  meet him in person.

And did you? Meet him, I mean.

Yes. It was back in 2007. I was standing outside the stage door entrance of the Royal Court Theatre before the Saturday matinee of the play he was appearing in, The Pain and The Itch, when he suddenly appeared out of the adjacent tube station, his man bag casually slung over his shoulder.

What did you do?

My heart was beating like crazy, but I left my two friends standing and boldly accosted him.
"Please, could I have your autograph, Matthew?" I asked him, my voice trembling, before continuing. “And could you sign it to Jane, please?”

And what do you remember most about the occasion.

He was SO tall!  I couldn’t get over how tall he was and  I almost told  him so, but thankfully I’d become quite tongue-tied from being so up close and personal with the Darcy of my dreams, so I just muttered my thanks and congratulated him on the excellent reviews the play had received before he thanked me and disappeared through the stage door. But I’ll never forget his genuine smile – the smile he always seems to hide once a camera is pointed at him - and his gorgeous velvety voice, and how shy he seemed to be by being accosted by three women who were, shall we say… a little older than he was… and oh yes, how modest he was as we talked about the reviews.

Do you remember anything else about the day?

Yes. Realising after he’d gone that I hadn’t taken the time to look closely into his blue eyes, and wishing that I had rather than stare at his hands as he’d signed my playtext.
So, did meeting him help you to overcome your addiction?

Oh no, in fact quite the opposite.  After that day I was completely enthralled. As Darcy says in the movie.  ‘I came to Rosings to see you… I had to see you.’ That’s how I felt. I’d met him once and seen him on the stage once, but once just wasn’t enough. If nothing else I had to meet him again so I could remember to gaze up into his blue eyes, and see if they were as gorgeous as they looked on screen.

How many times have you met or seen him since then?

I’m embarrassed to confess, although to be honest I haven’t kept an accurate tally. I think I saw The Pain and the Itch about four times,  then the following year I saw him at a Spooks Q&A evening, and at the UK premieres of Frost/Nixon and Incendiary, both of which I was fortunate enough to get tickets to actually attend and walk the red carpet, although no-one asked me for my autograph!
Since then I’ve seen him at a Masterclass where he answered questions about acting and his career, and in 2010 on the stage in Bath, and then in London,  when he starred opposite Kim Cattrall in Private Lives. I think in total I saw Private Lives seven times, and each time it was fabulous! He sang, he danced, he kissed Kim and carried her over his shoulder (lucky lady) He wore silk pyjamas, and all in all he was the perfect Elyot!

 Then last year I attended a charity evening when he and other noted actors read selected passages of novels or poetry. One of the pieces he read was an excerpt from Anna Karenina, which as he’s just finished filming Joe Wright’s adaptation of Tolstoy’s great novel must have been a touch of serendipity as he hadn’t got the part of Oblonsky then.

And that’s all?

Oh, no! I forgot the premiere of The Three Musketeers last October!  I got quite close then, as you can see!
I presume with all these encounters you have managed to achieve your goal and examine his eyes closely?

Not to my satisfaction, his closeness always seems to render me speechless and wipe my brain of coherent thought. But I have remembered to take the odd peek, and it seems that our eyes are of a very similar colour!

You must have had ample opportunity to overcome your addiction by now, Jane? Can we consider you cured?

I don’t think I want to be cured, actually. I’m quite happy being a Darcyholic, or perhaps I should say a Matthewholic!

While I don’t have any published works to offer, you can read my humble offerings on A Happy Assembly, or on Austen Underground, where I am JaneV. All my stories are also on my Meryton Reading Room page, and I’m happy to hear from you via email at Janegracechurch@gmail.com


  1. Oh, dear, lucky Jane. As you are fond of saying, how many people has our mutual appreciation of Matthew brought together in friendship? If only he knew! We have a very fine gentleman to admire. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

    So, does he recognize you now? LOL

    1. I love it every time you post a new pic of Matthew on the Darcylicious site. You are one lucky lady to get to see him act right in front of you. Well, I suppose I should say you deserve it. I hope you get to go to Matthew's next premiere too, whatever that may be.
      I myself am getting excited for "Ripper" to come out. As it is going to be full of murder and mystery I'm actually hoping my husband and son will watch it with me.
      Good luck to you, Jane. I look forward to reading your next story.

    2. Thanks, Linda! Matthew is always very gracious,and smiles and greets me and my two partners in crime. But he's probably thinking 'Oh, not that lot again! Where are my young, good looking fans?!'

    3. Matthew on stage is not to be missed, Trez!
      Can't wait to see him as Inspector Reid in Ripper Street and Oblosnky in Anna Karenina (pornstache and all!) Thanks for taking the time to read about my addiction!

    4. I can't wait to see Ripper Street, myself!!! It will be like watching old time MI5 haha!
      Yes, and Anna Karenina!

  2. Jane:

    Thank you SO much for your post. I loved learning about your journey into JAFF land and about your Matthew sightings and signings. I can't say I don't envy you for being close enough to be able to run into MM and CF from time to time.


    1. Thanks for inviting me, Barb! You never know, with all your travels around you might just bump into one of them!!

  3. Replies
    1. I am very fortunate, China. Living in the UK helps!!

  4. Oh, Jane, how I love your story! I can't believe you have been so lucky as to see your Darcy of choice so many times! How wonderful for you! Now, if I could just see my Darcy of choice, I would be quite content! And yes, I believe your eyes are very similar in color! Love that pic! :) Thanks for a pleasing post!

    1. If the Darcy of your choice is CF, then I'll blush to admit that I have met him as well... but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting any other Darcys... well, not yet, anyway!! ;)

    2. CF is the Darcy of my choice! How wonderful that you have met him too. Now I truly am envious! :) I like MM too but just have that special place for CF.

  5. Oh Dear Jane,

    This post is a treat! I read the whole thing without knowing you were Jane V. Duh me! I've known of your work for quite sometime from 2 of your Brazilian fans. Yes, you have Brazilian fans if you didn't know. Probably more. I am your newest one for sure. After reading this post I cannot wait to read your stories. Deborah Simionato and Samanta Fernandes have been telling me to read your stories for months. They love them and I am sure I will love them as well because they know me and what I like. Samanta is not only a fan but also has the biggest and most amazing website about MM in Brazil. Anyway, I feel very fortunate to know about you and to be able to share your accomplishments. I longer to hear MM's voice in person. What an experience! Thanks, Jane. You rock!

    Thanks, Barbara. I appreciate you bringing her into our world here in this delicious blog. This was my fix for the day. You rock as well!

    1. Thanks, Rita! I had no idea anyone in Brazil was faintly interested in my stories!! I'm flattered!

  6. Jane, How very lucky you are to have encountered our blue eyed,
    smooth silky voiced Matthew so very often. He is a true gentleman and I know he appreciates your admiration and devotion. He's a true professional and best of all a wonderful family man.

    1. Thanks... I am very very lucky. Hoping to meet and talk with him is still very exciting for me... I was so tongue tied the first time!! Mind you, the last time I saw him at the Three Musketeers premiere, all I could think to say was that I loved his beard, and thought it made him look very Russian! He made a face and said something like he thought it was a bit too bushy! Little did we know then that it would turn into that awful pornstache for his Oblonsky role in Anna Karenina! So glad that's now gone and we have a clean shaven MM to look forward to in Ripper Street!

  7. Dear Jane,

    Wow, how lucky you are! I so wish I could meet Matthew one day. I'm one of Rita's brazilian friends and I do love your stories. I read lots of JAFF and always love when Darcy is Matthew inspired.

    Thanks for sharing your stories with us - both your JAFF and about Matthew.

    1. You never know, Deborah, you may meet him! Never give up hope!
      Thanks for reading my stories!

  8. Wow, Jane, you sure have met Matthew so many times! While most of us can only dream of meeting him at least once, lol. Awesome post and story of meeting MM! Love your MM pics too (especially your matching eye color photo with him...very cool)! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. I'm sure your time will come, Jeane! I'm just fortunate to live in the UK!

  9. Jane, You are a lucky, lucky lady!!! I am in the Matthew camp myself as far as Mr. Darcy goes! He is definitely my Mr. Darcy! Thanks for sharing and I loved seeing all your pictures!

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading about my lucky encounters with the wonderful Mr Macfadyen!

  10. Jane, you are definitely lucky! I really liked your stories about meeting him, and all the pictures! :)

  11. You haven't mentioned, Jane, the time after one of the Private Lives performances, when he thanked you for your support, said how much he appreciated it and what it meant to him!

  12. Jane - there is no greater embassador for MM than you! I always enjoy your pictures and stories about your close encounters!

  13. You know, I joined the many other fans who eagerly awaited the reports of your experience whenever we knew that you were going to attend some event. 99% of us will never get such a special opportunity to be in the crowd, much less speak to MM. I read your stories with pleasure, and thank you for sharing them with everyone who enjoys following his career.