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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Impertinent Nina Benneton Interviews Herself!

Guest Post and Give-Away by Nina Benneton

In Lieu of a Picture of herself Nina asked the delicious hunk, Jimmy Thomas, to pose with a picture of her book!  I have actually met the lovely Nina, but have had to swear out a blood oath never to reveal her true identity. She is seriously considering making a ‘body suit--aka Mrs. Doubtfire’ that will make her appear to look like Colin Firth for her book signings. Of course, maybe she is inside the Jimmy Thomas suit somewhere!  LOL! 

(THAT is what you get for not providing me with a picture, my friend Nina! :p)

Hi, Darcyholics!  I am very happy to have my friend Nina Benneton with me.  Her fun-loving, wise-cracking sense of humor is infectious (oh my, now I know a couple of you have had to pull out your hand sanitizer over the word infectious). I know you will enjoy her post and getting to know her better.  
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The Impertinent Nina Benneton Interviews Herself!

(Or Pretends that Barbara Tiller Cole Interviewed Her!)

Q:   A very important question for us at Darcyholic Diversions here: Colin or Matthew?

A:  Couldn't I just have them both? Not at the same time, of course, that's too out-there for me. ( I'm not into menage). But why couldn't I have both in my virtual Jane Austen world?  I like both of their…uh…Pemberleys. 

Besides, I think Colin and Matthew should get together and have a jolly Darcy bromance!

Q:  You bad girl, I remember now you posting just that photoshop-picture of them kissing when we were having a war of  the Darcys a few years ago.  How did you come up with that idea? 

A:  It seemed the obvious thing to do… Actually, my vote is with Laurence Olivier's Darcy.   The way Olivier quirks his eyebrow—shiver me timbers!   In Olivier, you get both Darcy and Rhett in the same guy—and he's dead, which is rather convenient and fitting, as there's no fear of him turning Mel Gibson doing a racist rant on us and embarrassing us.  You must admit, there's still a very real potential of Colin and Matthew embarrassing us Janeites.

Q: Tell us about your novel?

A:  I'll give you the pitch line (the ten seconds line to catch an agent or editor's interest in the elevator):

Germ-phobic, billionaire philanthropist Fitzwilliam Darcy with obsessive-compulsive disorder meets granola, carefree infectious disease Dr. Elizabeth Bennet during a trip to Asia to help his friends the Bingley's family adopt a trendy Vietnamese orphan.

That was the pitch line that caught their attention. Many months later, the book is published with the back cover's blurb (which I didn't write, but I'm happy with. Btw, but traditionally published authors don't usually write the back blurbs, did you know that?):

For anyone obsessed with Pride & Prejudice, it's Darcy and Elizabeth like you've never see them before!
This modern take introduces us to the wealthy philanthropist Fitzwilliam Darcy, a handsome and brooding bachelor who yearns for love but doubts any woman could handle his obsessive tendencies. Meanwhile, Dr. Elizabeth Bennet has her own intimacy issues that ensure her terrible luck with men.
When the two meet up in the emergency room after Darcy's best friend, Charles Bingley, gets into an accident, Elizabeth thinks the two men are a couple. As Darcy and Elizabeth unravel their misconceptions about each other, they have to decide just how far they're willing to go to accept each other's quirky ways...
Q:  Tell us how did your journey from a casual Jaff writer to a published author happen?  

A:  The way many Jane Austen genre authors did. I wrote a couple of Jane Austen fan fiction stories—mainly to give me something to do besides driving my family nuts with my obsessive cleaning and organizing.  I loved the small, protective environment of the Jaff forums—all discussing the merits of how hot Darcy was.  I didn't mind posting drafts of my works, because it was sharing my amateur writings with understanding fellow Janeites who were as crazy as I was, and they didn't get their knickers twisted about mistakes.

But, when a Jane Austen site started to put up authors' pages and the access to authors' writings was open up to the whole wide web, I was embarrassed by the mistakes and decided I needed to clean it up and edit it for public consumption.  I took classes. I edited. I took some more classes. I  edited some more. I basically went back to school and learned how to write and edit myself.

After like the ninth draft (I tend to be a bit of an OCD myself, as you can tell), I  sent it to a fresh new set of trusted readers, some who read the first draft and some who didn't, some were Janeites and many who weren't.  When the non-Jainete (writers and readers)  told me I need to get it published instead of posting it for free on the internet, I figured maybe there's a way to pay for writing classes. 

I'd been spending a lot of my pin money on writing classes, and I felt guilty because I loved taking classes.  I wouldn't buy new clothes or go out to lunch or buy caffe latte at Starbucks so I could take writing classes. 

That's how I became a published author: so I could pay the fees for writing classes.

It could very well have been quilting. I loved to quilt, and I used to take a lot of quilting classes. Unfortunately, obsessively quilting is hard on your body. I had to take a break from constantly bending over a sewing machine. Writing is easier. I can lean back, lay on my bed with a laptop on my chest; I can do it in the car, basically anywhere. I couldn't do that with quilting.  I enjoyed both machine and hand-quilting, but typing is a lot easier on my fingers. If my fingers get tired, I can dictate the words with my speech program.

And, people are more impressed when you say you're a writer than when you introduce yourself as a quilter.

Q:  Were you good at quilting?

A:  Oooh. Thank you for asking.  I suffer no false modesty here. One of my quilts won a grand prize in Minnesota a few years ago, beating out a bunch of Amish women.  I'm very proud of this and brag about that every chance I get, as you can tell,  since I have a big inferior complex with everything else in life—writing, keeping a clean house, looking good as trophy-wife…

Q:  Your secondary characters in Compulsively Mr. Darcy have been described in reviews as eccentric and quirky, and deserving of their own stories. Will you write their stories?

A:  No. Some authors have a gift of expanding their secondary characters into starring in their own stories, but I haven't that gift or interest in writing a series. I did try to write Richard and Ninja Mary's story—mainly because I just love her chutzpah, but I lost interest after three chapters. Colonel Fitzwilliam in any form, modern or Regency, doesn't rock my boat. Same with Mr. Bingley.  I love both of those characters in Compulsively Mr. Darcy, but they don't inspire me enough to devote a whole story to them.   I need to feel attracted to my hero—and Darcy is my man. 

Safely, you can be assured I will never write a story where Colonel Fitzwilliam or Charles Bingley ends up with Elizabeth. Blech! I'd rather be locked in a soundproof room with Rebecca Black yodeling. 

Don't even go there with me about Darcy ending up with Anne or Caroline. That's just WRONG!

Q: What's the best part about being a writer? The worst part?

A: The best part, besides an excuse not to clean the grout lines in my bathroom, is sharing my writing and connecting with readers. The worst part, besides not having enough time to read my growing list of TBR books, is the need to shut myself off in order to write. 

I have a gaggle of kids I'm tiger-mothering to grow up and effect world peace, find a cure for cancer, and win Nobel prizes. That doesn't leave me as much time—so I'm rather ruthless about saying 'No' to anything that would take time away from my family or my writing time.  

Q: You used to 'beta' for a number of Jaff writers, some of whom— like myself (BT Cole), Susan Adriani and Mary Mushatt— have gone on to publish our works. Are you still working with Jaff writers? 

A: Unfortunately, no. That's one thing I loved but had to give up a few years ago when I decided to home school my children and went back to 'school' myself with writing classes.  I loved working with Jaff writers, but I was spending more time on other people's writings than my own, so I had to step back.  

Q:  What does your family think about your being a published author?

A:  They're proud and very happy, mainly because I'm now too busy writing to obsessively clean and organize every cupboard in the house, weekly. 

It always surprised people when I tell them my husband has not read my book,  has no intention of reading it, and that it's completely fine with me.  He's very, very supportive at whatever crazy endeavor I indulge in, but I think it would be too much to ask a guy whose favorite current book is Paradise Lost to read Compulsively Mr. Darcy. My children are too young to be interested in reading the book. They think it's icky that I have people kissing in the book.  

Author Bio:  As a child, Nina Benneton promised the French nuns who taught that she would grow up and find the cure for cancer, effect world peace, and win a Nobel Prize for something, anything.  Alas, her own Mr. Darcy and the requisite number of beautiful children interrupted her plans. Tired of alphabetizing her spices and searching for stray Barbie shoes, she turned to writing.  

Her debut novel, Compulsively Mr. Darcy, earned a Best Book review and the Reader's Poll Book of the Month February 2012  from Long and Short Review, 'Hands down…a must read for lovers and fans of classic romance.'  Fresh Fiction Review called it a 'tenderly written novel.'  Savvy Verse and Wit described it as ' 'More than a love story, Compulsively Mr. Darcy is about loving someone faults and all, accepting and not changing who they are, and growing together in love.  Steamy, sexy, and fun, it will have readers giggling and blushing at the same time.' Publishers Weekly wrote,  'Die-hard fans of everything Austen will enjoy this update of her classic tale.'

Buy her book at: 
(Read her author interview there)


  1. Great interview, Nina! You answered all the tough questions with aplomb!

  2. LOL. Thanks, Lucy.

    I really wanted to brag about my quilting, but I couldn't figure out how to get an interviewer to ask me that-- I took the job myself!

  3. Great interview! The book sounds great--can't wait to read it. ;D

    1. Araminta!

      Love that name and very curious as to its origin.

      Listen, Jimmy Thomas the cutie in the picture would not lead you astray. What do you think of him? His arms are rather hugh, aren't they?

      In person, he's not that big. I'm not a beefcake type of girl, but I admit I thought he was great to indulge me and laughed. Any guy who has a sense of humor--even hugh arms--I'm in love with.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Entertaining interview, Nina! It was lively and witty. The photo substitution was, well, let's just say, very pleasing to the eyes!

    I am impressed with your quilting skills. To beat out Amish quilters to take grand prize, you must be better than good! Congratulations!

    Previously I had read a little about your book and thought it sounded good. Glad to hear more about it and I am anxious to read it.

    1. jt!!

      Trust me, Jimmy Thomas's (wait, I just realize your initials--are you sure you're not him?) photo is much, much better than mine. I'm getting to be the age where I'm starting to look like my eccentric father more than my quirky mother. Gaah! If anyone calls me 'handsome,' I'd slug them!

      Oooh. Thank you. I did feel very, very guilty briefly for beating out those Amish quilters--since anyone who chooses to live without electricity deserve all the prizes they can garner, right? But, hey, I bought a few shoefly pies as consolation to them, so it all worked out.

      The book is good! An OCD Darcy? What's not to like? You know he's clean all the time--so no icky cooties or anything like that. I'm anxious for you to read it, too. And if you like it-- make sure you leave a good review somewhere where the Amish ladies can read it, okay? Perhaps they'll forgive me for moving on from quilting...

  5. Very nice interview. I have read so much about your book already, Nina, that I can´t wait to get to read it (hopefully soon!). Is definitly on my tbr-list.
    I´d love to win an e-copy of it!

    Have been following both of you, Nina and Barbara, around on Twitter (kaewink) and started following this blog now too :).

    1. Oooh, Kaewink! I think you're one of 100 Twitter follower! (I suffer greatly from twitter-envy. Barb has like hundreds of followers, but she got no kids. I think each kid should be worth at least 10K Twitter followers, don't you?)

      I resisted and resisted Twitter because I'm fearful of running my mouth off a la Ashton Kutcher, but it's been a blast. A little cocktail party all the time!

      Listen, Kaewink, if you win the ebook, then you need to TELL your friends to buy the book, okay? There's a writing workshop coming up on 'Understanding Men' for writers, and I've got to sign up for that!

    2. haha..I totally know what you mean. I don´t have kids jet, but I tried to resist twitter for quite a while too, but it´s really fun!
      Still, I hope I´m not spending too much time on there. ;)

      I´ll for sure tell my friends of your book. I love reading sequels and modernisations of Austen-novels!

    3. Smooches and a GIANT bottle of hand sanitizer to you for coming back to read and leave another comment.

      In some ways, I'm glad I resisted Twitter until now, because I would have been intimidated by all these writers tweeting. My gosh, when do they find time to write? I must be the slowest writer there is...

      Yes... tell your friends. I need to understand men better... don't you.

    4. And I´m still coming back and comment again ;).
      Thanks YOU for coming back and reading what we all comment!

      It´s never bad to understand men better, isn´t it! ;)
      Sometimes I think my picture of men gets worse with every time I read Austen, simply because after finnishing I wonder how on earth I´m going to find a Knightley, Darcy or Wentworth (or a Tilney, I´d love a Tilney).
      But then, they all have their faults too, don´t they.

    5. Now, I'm super, super impressed!

      Amen! I love me a Tilney--a man who's funny, has gumption to stand up to his father, and knows household management (giving his housekeeper plenty of time to prepare for guests)--gosh, he sounds a dream!

      A guy in my writing class a couple of years ago recommended this book 'For Women Only' by Shaunti Feldhahn. Said he read that and was SHOCKED what women didn't know about men...

      I must say, though the book has a preachy tone to it that grated on my nerve, I learned quite a lot from that book as a writer. Many writers, especially romance writers, tend to write a man's POV that read like a woman wrote them... When I learned that, I went back to my earlier drafts and cringed. I'd made Darcy sounded too much like a woman! lol.

      You want my mother to set you up with someone? She has 4000 FB friends! ;)

    6. Interesting. I just looked at the books reviews at goodreads. Might want to read that too ;).

      It must be hard writing a man´s POV! I´m going to even look more on Darcy now while reading your book! I´ve never tried writing the man´s POV, but I asume I´d have the same problem. My Darcy would turn out waaay like a woman! :D

    7. Oooh, we can have an ongoing book discussion here.

      Yes. A man think differently. Here's an example:

      In an earlier draft:

      He turned around. In a long sleeve gauzy white blouse atop a green asymmetric skirt that softly draped over her hips, she looked as refreshing as a beautiful gardenia flower.

      Final draft:

      He turned around. In a white blouse atop a green skirt that softly draped over her hips, she looked as refreshing as a beautiful gardenia flower.

      I took away 'asymmetric' because a guy would NOT notice that level of detail--the cut of her skirt. Even now, I see I didn't edit enough. I'm itching to go back and cut out the 'softly draped' and 'refreshing as a beautiful gardenia flower' because a man does not think in those term... Less adverbs, adjectives and no comparison to flowers. But, I was allowed to change only 20 words by the time I caught this at the final galley proofs--so I settled for just 'asymmetric' removal

      Sigh. I probably shouldn't point this things out that's in the final book... LOL. Don't make the mistakes I did.

    8. Ignore the grammar mistakes... I'm typing half-asleep here at 4AM.

    9. 4 AM? :S :S Sleeeeep!

      This is really interesting - thanks for sharing!
      I don´t know if I´ll ever write a novel (it´s one of the things I really want to do once...we´ll see), but I´ll keep that advice stored for that time!

      Don´t bother about the grammar mistakes :D. I don´t see them, english not being my mother tongue (there are probably lots of grammar mistakes in my comments) - and 4 am is 4 am! At 4 am I couldn´t write a thing, english or german.

      I´ll follow you around when you blogpost and will keep throwing questions at you so we can keep the book discussions going :).

    10. Darling,

      I have a gaggle of kids, I have to get up early to get any peace and quiet to write. Although, this past month, I've been using that time for blog tour.

      If you're interested in some more cheekiness from moi, stop by my Author Interview tomorrow (and no, this time I didn't interview me--) at http://longandshortarchives.blogspot.com/2012/02/interview-nina-benneton.html

      LInk is not active until 3/1

      There's giveaway copies there, too. ;)

  6. The book is absolutely terrific, Nina! I loved it!!! Darcy is not only true to character, but his OCD is very believable. I really loved how understanding Elizabeth is. Her character is perfect for a granola lady, too. Excellent story! Hope you have more coming out.

    1. Wendi!!! Darling, you are my dearest, loveliest girl for saying that!

      You got granola Elizabeth's characterization. She was fun to write because she's against type. LOL, I completely understand that she can grate on some people's nerves because of her impulsivity and granola-ness, but that's what makes her so fun. OCD Darcy doesn't need a perfect woman... he needs a quirky woman!

      I do have a few stories I'm working on---thanks for asking. You make sure to leave a review so somewhere so publishers will buy them, okay? Sorry for the shameless promotion here... but hey, I gave you Jimmy Thomas above. ;)

  7. Fantastic interview!! I cannot wait to read the book :D

    1. Dearest CINTA with no 'I'

      Thank you! It's always fantastic when one interviews oneself... it's that control issue thing, you understand. I can't wait for you to read it, too. But, I have to warn you--it's never going to be on Oprah's list. Not depressing enough.

  8. Loved your interview Nina! And my own Mr Darcy is a 'little' CDO (must be in the right order you know), too! LOL!
    I would love to see a picture of your quilt. If you have it published somewhere, please let me know where it is so I can see it.

    And I love this line from your interview:
    "I need to feel attracted to my hero—and Darcy is my man."
    It's the only way to be!

    Hugs and continued success with your book!

    1. Sandy,

      I know you only read regency, but you have to try to read this one, since your own Mr. Darcy is CDO, too.

      The quilt was titled 'Pueblo Rock Art'--hand applique on hand-dyed fabrics. Black Kopokelli against a background of sandstone. Probably won because it was unusual amidst all those Amish patterns. ;) I don't know if they published it--but it was at a quilt shop in Minnesota--and they went out of business (may be the Amish ladies stop shopping there?)

      I'd take a picture and post it for you--but it's hanging at our cabin (with the Grand Prize tag still attached after all these years!). Nest time I'm there, I'll be sure to take a picture. Wait, perhaps I can run into Jimmy Thomas and ask him to hold up the quilt...

  9. Nina:

    I loved your post! I love your humor and I really enjoyed your book! I have my signed copy under lock and key for when you are rich and famous and read the Kindle version! LOL..

    I loved this section: 'Safely, you can be assured I will never write a story where Colonel Fitzwilliam or Charles Bingley ends up with Elizabeth. Blech! I'd rather be locked in a soundproof room with Rebecca Black yodeling. Don't even go there with me about Darcy ending up with Anne or Caroline. That's just WRONG!’

    I remember some fun conversations we had about being Darcy/Elizabeth purists, and non-canon parings. I just love your humor!

    Thanks for posting here!

    2 extra questions from BTCole... Are you publishing Spices? And what are you working on now?


    1. Barbara Ann,

      And I love you for loving my humor and my book.

      Other souls are more intrepid than moi to tackle the emotional trauma of non-canon pairings, but I like to be able to sleep at night.

      I haven't decided what to do about Spices yet. I've been busy though.

      I'm editing a Romantic Suspense and then I'm about to revise an original rom com story, and I'm currently writing a time-travel and researching the next one.

      I'm in a writing group (I'm the only Jaffer) --and we all have to work on multiple projects at the same time (including short stories)

  10. My previous comment was swallowed up the by the evil internet, but let me sum up: I love your story!

    I also followed both of you, tweeted about you and liked both of you on FB, all in in a shameless bid to win a copy of your book!

    1. Kelli!

      A big bottle of hand sanitizer to you for trying again! I hope you win, too, with all this effort.

      Thank you for Twitting and FBing and all that... I feel like a shameless Mrs. Norris sometimes with this publicity thing--but they told me in writing class to get over myself and be professional, which means shameless promotion when it's my book release month.

      Believe me, when they told me I had to be well versed in social media--I felt as if they wanted me to pull my pants down in public, but, I must say--the people I meet are so nice and friendly and FUNNY, it makes me wonder why I was so hesitant before.

  11. Quilting how nice! I have a friend who is quite good at that as well. I just sing and read. (not at the same time lol)Thank you for another opportunity to win! Did all the extras.


  12. Margaret,

    If you take up quilting, you can sing and quilt at the same time!

    Thanks for the extras!!!

  13. What a fun and great interview! The book sounds very good.


    1. bn100

      Thank you! I'm going to miss seeing you when this blogtour is over.

  14. I love your author bio! Shouldn't you add something about your single-handedly beating a bunch of Amish women? Must see photos of the winning and losing quilts!

    1. June,

      LOL. Hmmm. But what if the Amish quilters read spicy romance and they might not buy the book because I'd bragged in my author bio I'd beat them?

      What, you don't think the Amish ladies read spicy romance?

  15. Nina, your book sounds fascinating! It seems like a very interesting take on our Mr. Darcy and I can't wait to read it!

    I, too, would love to see a picture of your winning quilt - it sounds amazing. I'm not very creative so I vastly admire those who are!


    1. Hi Gail,

      That made my day this morning--someone saying they can't wait to read it!

      I don't have access to the quilt right now but I will bug husband to dig through his photo library this weekend. He's grumpy because it's tax time.

      I'm sure you're creative. The fact that you're open minded enough to read Jane Austen variations means you're creative. You wouldn't believe how many have no sense of adventure! They didn't even read the original, but they get their knickers twisted that there are variations of classics. LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting...

  16. Ninaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    (That's how we say people's name in Brazil when we are excited!) How appropriate is it that I got your book (and started it right away) in the mail the same day I read your post? I only read two chapters but I am already hooked. I love the titles of your chapters. You are too funny and creative! Caroline Bingley being hooked on Hollywood gossip is hilarious. I am sure she watches the Real Housewifes! Like some of JAFF readers I have a passion for regency more than anything but I am glad I made an exception in your case (even though I bought other modern adaptations I haven't read them yet). I am sure I will lots more to say as I keep reading it. Back to the interview. My favorite part (besides Darcy being always the MAN) is the word blech! Amazing how one word can synthesize so many. So of course I also agree with you and Barb about the non-canon pairing! One more thing...a message to your husband: a hamburger can also be gourmet food! Hahaha!

    Austenesque Love,

    Rita Watts

    1. Ritaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

      I love excited Brazilians!!!

      Hey, speaking of being hooked on Hollywood gossip, are you putting my book down to watch the Oscars tonight? Bad girl!

      My husband cooked hamburger tonight. He usually doesn't cook, but I took the kids out for the day and then I had deadlines... sniffed, didn't even get to watch the Oscar pre-show and see who's arriving with who. Yes, I'm my Caroline Bingley with Hollywood gossip! ;)

      Thank you, Rita, for making an exception with my modern. With your sense of humor, I think you probably would enjoy the book.

  17. Ok, I don't know who Jimmy Thomas is but I would like to win him, as well as this book! Lol

    Taking writing classes seems like fun. Keep that creative muse awake.

    I follow Barb's blog and AustenAuthors, and follow Barb, Nina, and AuAu on Twitter.

    1. Monica,

      I confess, I didn't know who he was either until earlier this month! LOL. He's the HOT international romance covers model, baby! Google him!

      I wasn't in love with him until I actually met him in person and saw his eyes--very humorous eyes. He was laughing at me for making him hold up the book for a picture because I'm too shy to take a picture with him. I love a man who has a sense of humor and big arms, don't you?


    2. NINA! Now I didn't even realize just what a famous hot guy I had on my blog! I DID google him and was QUITE impressed! I am glad someone asked and you told us to look! :D


    3. Barbara,

      Hehehhehe! It's amazing how a sense of humor is so sexy to me. An hour before I met him, a friend of mine (a writer who's an ex-nun, yes, I have friends who live a reverent life), gave me a calendar of his she didn't want. I was going to chuck it because I'm really not into beefcakes calendar...but after I met him, I decided that calendar will come in very handy as inspiration.

      My husband, a very SEXY guy with a healthy sense of humor himself, is having a life-size cutout made of Jimmy Thomas made for me to have in my office.

  18. Thanks to Nina for sharing some details about yourself. I enjoyed it. Your book sounds fun and I have added it in my TBR list.

    Barbara, please enter me for the eBook copy since I'm staying outside US. I am a follower of this blog, I just send a friend request to you on Facebook, 'like’ your author's Facebook page and join Darcyholic Diversions Facebook Page. Besides this I also friend Nina on Facebook, follow her at Austen Authors and her blog. Please take note.

  19. I just read a fun interview with Nina Benneton at eBookMall:

    Maybe you could link to that on your blog? I think readers would like it!