Tuesday, June 12, 2012

William Collins, TV Talk Show Host, Interviews Shannon Winslow

Welcome Shannon Winslow to Darcyholic Diversions!
Hi, Darcyholics!  I am very happy to introduce to you, Shannon Winslow.  I actually got to know her on Twitter!  I hope that you get to know her as well as I have!  I welcome her here to Darcyholic Diversions today.

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William Collins, TV Talk Show Host,

 Interviews Shannon Winslow
Thanks, Barbara, and greetings, fellow addicts! My story is common enough: late bloomer falls madly in love with Mr. Darcy via Colin Firth, and before she knows what’s happened, she’s launched headlong into a glamorous career as an Austenesque author. Well, there’s a little more to it than that, I suppose. But what I really wanted to share is my recent interview with another one of Jane Austen’s leading men.

William Collins, celebrated TV talk show host, speaks with today’s guest: author Shannon Winslow
Stage Director: And we’re live in five, four, three…..
(The applause sign lights, and Mr. Collins, sitting opposite his guest in a matching swivel arm chair, smiles benevolently as he waits for the ovation of the studio audience to die down)
Collins: Good morning, Ms. Winslow, and thank you for joining me here on Meet the Author.
Winslow: My pleasure, Mr. Collins. But I suppose I should call you Sir William and congratulate you on your recent elevation to the knighthood.
(Another smattering of applause)
Collins: I thank you, madam, but there is no need to stand on ceremony here. Although I have been so fortunate as to attain a measure of greatness – not without the assistance of a series of noble patrons, I might add – I do not forget my humble origins as a country parson.
Winslow: Nevertheless, I’m sure this latest honor is well deserved.
Collins: I flatter myself that it is, for my ‘unique contribution to the literary world and decades of faithful service to the crown.’ I believe that was the exact wording. You may read the entire transcript at your leisure, Ms. Winslow. My assistant will supply you a copy.
Winslow: That’s very kind, but no one needs to remind me of your contribution to the literary world. Your character is legendary and has proven extremely valuable to my own modest literary efforts.
Collins: Then I am gratified, as indeed I always am, to have been of some small service. Now, I regret to confess, Ms. Winslow, that with all the demands on my time, I have not as yet read any of your work. However, I am told that you have a new book out. Have I been rightly informed?
Winslow: You have indeed! My second novel, For Myself Alone, was recently released, and I’m excited about the excellent reviews it’s received.
Collins: That is all very well, but what I wish to know is this. Am I in the book?
Winslow: Not exactly. You see, although For Myself Alone is ‘Jane Austen inspired,’ it’s an independent story with all new characters. I imagined what her next book might have been, and that’s what I wrote. Then I slipped in lines form her novels here and there just for fun. But you’ll be glad to know that one of those quotations is yours, Mr. Collins.
Collins: Excellent!
Winslow: “You can hardly doubt the purport of my discourse. My attentions have been too marked to be mistaken.” From the proposal scene, remember? 
Collins: How could I forget? More immortal words have rarely been spoken, and they should rightly have carried the day. But I digress. Tell me about your first novel. What is it called again? I’m told it is quite successful, but the name escapes me. There is, after all, so much quality literature available at present that although I spend hours a day studying in my book room, which fronts the road by the way, I cannot possibly keep up.
Winslow: Perfectly understandable. My first book is The Darcys of Pemberley, a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. It came out last August and is doing very well, both in England and America, I’m happy to say. Of course, all of us would have loved the original author to write the continuing story. But, as she was unavailable, I did my best to stand in her place, to be true to her characters and style. I only hope I have done her justice.  
Collins: Doubtless Miss Austen would be flattered that you hold her in such high regard. Now, back to me. I believe you said before the show that I play an important role in this novel.
Winslow: Oh, yes! A crucial role. I can’t imagine how I would have managed without you, Mr. Collins. In fact, you were the first person I thought of when I sat down to write. It came to me out of the blue that the story simply must begin with you. And then I later expanded the scene into a successful short story.
Collins: Well, I must say I am impressed with your obvious taste and flawless literary instincts, Ms. Winslow, for knowing at once where – and with whom – to start. And I trust my character features prominently right through the book to the last scene. In which case it occurs to me that you might have chosen the title with more circumspection – The Clergyman of Hunsford, perhaps – for The Darcys of Pemberley implies that the center of attention will be Mr. Darcy, my cousin Elizabeth, and their local society. You would not wish to lead your readers astray, would you?
Winslow: Oh, dear! Didn’t anyone tell you?
Collins: Tell me what, pray?
Winslow: That the novel is mostly about Darcy, Elizabeth, and their closest friends. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Collins, but your character’s moment in the sun, while glorious, is unfortunately rather brief. In fact, he has the great misfortune to die at the very outset of the story.
(The audience gasps and Mr. Collins blanches alarmingly, his mouth gaping open in silent horror)
Stage Director: Cut! Go to commercial!
Shannon Winslow is an award-winning member of the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association and a recent inductee to the Austen Authors group. She and her husband live in the log home they built south of Seattle, where she writes and paints in her studio facing Mt. Rainier.

Collins’s Last Supper is the tongue-in-cheek tale of how a pompous clergyman discovers too late why gluttony is considered one of the seven deadly sins. This 5000-word short story is available for Kindle and Nook, and it serves as a prequel of sorts for The Darcys of Pemberley.

The Darcys of Pemberley is the tale of two romances: the continuation of Darcy and Elizabeth’s story, and the courtship of Miss Georgiana. For those who didn’t want Pride and Prejudice to end, it gives the chance to learn what happens after the wedding, to revisit old friends and foes, and to share the next chapter of their lives. This “purist’s sequel” is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and most other e-book formats.

For Myself Alone is the tale of Josephine Walker, a bright, young woman whose quiet life is turned upside-down by an unexpected inheritance. With a tempting fortune of twenty thousand pounds, she’s suddenly the most popular girl in town. Yet Jo longs to be valued for who she is, not for her bank balance. This Austenesque story is the author’s interpretation of what Jane might have written next, with lines from her classic novels sprinkled throughout the text for her fans to find. Currently available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook formats.

Learn more about Shannon and her publications at her website/blog (, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Collins, but your character’s moment in the sun, while glorious, is unfortunately rather brief. In fact, he has the great misfortune to die at the very outset of the story.


    1. Wow! Does this mean I've risen to the status of being quote-worthy?

  2. Loved it all, Shannon! Hilarious and I enjoyed the Stage Director cutting to commercial. I can tell you're a fan of the great Mr. Collins-- you truly understand his character. :)

    P.S. I enjoy Shannon on Twitter as well! (@flyawayfaye)


    1. Thanks, Jamie. It's kind of a love/hate relationship with Mr.C. But he IS a lot of fun to write for, which probably means I shouldn't have been so quick to kill him off. Hmm.

  3. Firstly, congratulations to our "Mr. Collins". Good show Shannon! The signature (Collins) quote is "As soon as I entered the house, I singled you out as the companion of my future life." I would be remiss if I did not address the pink elephant here...the producer was negligent in not getting Sir Collins up to speed on Ms. Winslow's works, esp. the book they were addressing. That being said, Shannon you remained a class act

    1. I would not expect such a (self-)important person like Sir William Collins to have time for reading my humble literary offerings. And I pity any producer whose job it was to tell him his business!

  4. I just recently read Mr. Collin's Last Supper and really enjoyed it. Oh I would love to read another book by this author. Thank you for the giveaway! Did all of the extras above.


    1. So glad you enjoyed Mr.C's Last Supper! Good luck with the contest!

  5. Such a fun interview! I could just hear the man saying some of that stuff. He is such a great Austen creation- annoying, but fun!

    I look forward to reading your books, Shannon. I love Austen sequels, but For Myself Alone sounds pretty good too.


  6. Enjoyed reading the comments. I am always looking for new authors to read and your book sounds really good.

  7. Oh the horror he had when finding out he dies in the novel and is not the centre of attention (and that with all the work of the nobel patroness!!)

    I have wanted to read "All For Myself" for a while now. I really like the idea of a Austen-ispired novel - of the idea Shannon described she had (What would have Jane Austen written next?).

    Following BTCole and Shannon on Twitter
    Following DD on FB

  8. Haha, I had to LOL at Mr Collins' horror in finding out in front of his audience that he died. And thanks to for providing the eBooks which I hope to win The Darcys of Pemberley. I can't get enough of Austenesque novels.

    Barbara, I follow you through GFC, blog about it here, friend you on FB (as Sylvia Claire Chan), 'like’ your author's Facebook page and join Darcyholic Diversions Facebook Page.

  9. such a clever interview - thanks for a good laugh! Collins could never comprehend what a joke he is to others ...

    I really enjoyed The Darcys of Pemberley and would love to win For Myself Alone even if it isn't D&E!