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Karen Wasylowski Interviews Darcy and Fitzwilliam

Welcome Karen Wasylowski to Darcyholic Diversions!
Hi, Darcyholics!  I am very happy to introduce to you, Karen Wasylowski.  I have enjoyed getting to know Karen around the internet and through her blog (link at the bottom of her posst)  I hope that you get to know her as well as I have!  I welcome her here to Darcyholic Diversions today.

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Karen W Interviews Darcy and Fitzwilliam!

Hello, my name is Karen V. Wasylowski and I am the author of “Darcy and Fitzwilliam, A Tale of a Gentleman and A Tale of an Officer” - a frolicsome and amusing continuation of Jane Austen’s magnificent story, “Pride and Prejudice.”

Today I will be interviewing the stars of my book, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.  Gentlemen, welcome.

FITZWILLIAM:  ‘Frolicsome and amusing’?  You make us sound like King Charles Spaniels.  This one seems a bit of a loose fish to me, Darcy.

DARCY:  Ignore him, Madame Wasylowski.  We all do.  And may I say we are most pleased to be here with you, in this…this…place.  What is this place, I wonder?

This is my home, Mr. Darcy.  This is where I live.

DARCY:  Surely you jest.  Where are the stables?  I see no servants, no sitting room, no library; where in heavens name could you dine?  I might be able to pace off this entire home within moments and - is there no terrace aspect? 

FITZWILLIAM:  Ignore him, Wasylowski.  We all do.  Let us return to your coverage of our life experiences, which I may say I enjoyed most whole heartedly.  Well, my part in it at least.  And as for my cousin Darcy here, I believe you truly captured his haughtiness, his disdain for others, his rather foppish tendencies.  In fact, I found your reportage most accurate.

Well, thank you, Colonel.  I was afraid you would be offended by some of my disclosures.  If you remember I revealed a bit of the rather debauched lifestyle you ‘enjoyed’ during your soldiering days.  I was also taken to task regarding your language at times.  A few women took exception to your cursing.

FITZWILLIAM:  Ape leaders!  Haymarket ware, all of them!  Tabbies and taradiddle!

Good gracious, I didn’t mean to offend…

FITZWILLIAM:  A soldier who doesn’t curse occasionally is like a dog without fleas – desirable but unlikely.

DARCY:  Be still, Fitz!  You haven’t raised such a breeze since they stopped serving pickled eels at Whites.  Now, I should like to point out that in the book I especially enjoyed how Madame W. takes you to task regarding your overall appearance, including that hideous uniform of yours; the one that you always insist upon wearing for interviews.  She rightly pointed out what I’ve been decrying for years.  You can be an unholy mess at times, Fitz, (or at least you were before you married) – from that unruly mop of hair of yours to your worn boots to your… 

FITZWILLIAM:  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way I look.  I’ll have you know, cousin, that this uniform is a symbol.  A symbol of my years of service to King and Country, of deprivation shared with my soldiers, my band of brothers, years of bloody battles and the mud and mire of warfare…

DARCY:   You’ve a bit of caviar on your cuff.

FITZWILLIAM:  Oh, damn it to hell. 

Gentlemen, if I may continue…?

DARCY:  Of course, forgive our little mêlée.

FITZWILLIAM:  Blast Darcy, is she still here…?

Ahem! Yes, sir - I am.  If I may continue, Colonel Fitzwilliam!  In ‘Darcy and Fitzwilliam’ I covered the five years of your lives after the ending of Pride and Prejudice – including your rather stormy first years of marriage to Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy.

DARCY:  Yes.  And did I not hear you received a bit of backlash from that also?  Curious.  It seems a few people disliked the idea of Lizzy becoming irritated, or even of us arguing at all.  I found that very strange – the idea that a young married couple would not have a few difficulties to sort through during the first years of wedded life.

FITZWILLIAM:  Bother that!  What of that other incident, cousin?  I refer, of course, to you getting yourself good and foxed at Netherfield.  Remember?  Don’t shake your head so violently, Darcy.  Now who has the vapors!   It was then that you became trapped alone in a house with the delectable Caroline Bingley, did you not?  I was particularly impressed with that episode.

DARCY:  Well, what about you and the opera dancers?  And then marrying a woman you knew only briefly?  And your fights with her, with your Amanda – well, they were nothing short of Homeric.

Gentlemen, please, if we could just focus for a moment… 

FITZWILLIAM:  What of you, then?  Running off on Lizzy when she needed you most?

DARCY:  I returned almost immediately, you know that!  And what of you – attempting to sneak out of the country!  We nearly had a riot that day, with Bow Street Runners everywhere and court officials threatening dire circumstances…

FITZWILLIAM:  I do remember, Darcy - very well.  I also remember that when my back was to the wall you were there for me.  Another friend could not have stood any taller nor one bit braver.  You gave us shelter when we were adrift; you defied the law, even to risking your name and your honor. 

DARCY:  What are cousins for then, if not to stand together in need?  I may complain about you, berate you, criticize, scold, rebuke…

FITZWILLIAM:  Do you have a point here, Darcy?

DARCY:  Yes.  It is this.  You may drive me insane with your ‘charming’ disregard for society’s custom, cousin - but I love you as if you were my very brother.

FITZWILLIAM:  You quite move me, brat.  And, fact is - oh bah!  I love you as well.  You’ve been my younger sibling all your life, closer to me than my actual brother ever was.

I am going to weep if you two don’t stop.

FITZWILLIAM:  Good heavens, I keep praying she’s left…

Really!  Well!  I might point out that as you both each compliment the other it was actually Lady Catherine de Bourgh who was the true savior that day!    Now - if I may continue without interruption…

FITZWILLIAM:  Now you’ve made the woman angry, Darcy.  Look at how blotchy her face has become, how narrow her eyes – they’ll pop in a moment.  Shall we wager on the distance…

Colonel! You are truly insupportable!  Now, I wish to speak about our next book!  Please!  This book is a bit different – you both are a bit different.

DARCY:  And what book is this, Madame?

It is my sequel to my continuation of Pride and Prejudice… and Darcy and Fitzwilliam

FITZWILLIAM:  Good god, Darcy, smell her breath if you can.  ‘One’ might be in ‘one’s’ cups here, if you take my drift.

DARCY:  Do be quiet, Fitz.  So, Madame W, you have written a sequel… to a sequel.   How nice for you.  How odd.  What is this sequel entitled?

“Darcy and Fitzwilliam – Sons and Daughters”.  In this volume you are both – older.  You ‘mature’ during the book. You age.  You have wives now, families – and family troubles.  Arguments, illness, estrangements…

DARCY:  Older? 

FITZWILLIAM:   Gad, Darcy – you would pick on that word, wouldn’t you?  She says illness and estrangements and you narrow in on ‘older’.

DARCY:  I see your mouth moving, Fitz, yet nothing sensible comes from the exercise.  As usual.  What I refer to is that I feel no different.  I don’t feel older.  I don’t remember growing older.

FITZWILLIAM:  Take a look in the mirror, brat.  It betrays us all.

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  1. "A soldier who doesn’t curse occasionally is like a dog without fleas – desirable but unlikely." Fantastic.

    So excited for your book!!!

  2. It was amusing reading this i have never been more interested in a book before reading this blog post Now i am really curious with what you wrote

    1. I think you will enjoy the book. It's funny but it has parts that still make me cry, but then you're laughing again moments later. I really had fun writing this.

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  4. I love you as well. You’ve been my younger sibling all your life, closer to me than my actual brother ever was.

    I always enjoy seeing Darcy and the Colonel as close as brothers. It would be sad to have Darcy alone all his life, since I don't count Wickhead (boss, hiss!) as a close companion.

    Thank you for writing this!

    1. Yes, to me they belong together, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or Felix and Oscar from the Odd Couple. Thanks for entering.

  5. My favourite line: "So, Madame W, you have written a sequel… to a sequel. How nice for you. How odd." :D :D
    What a great interview!
    And a very interesting book. Definitly on my list of to-reads.

    Following DD on FB
    Following on Twitter

    1. thank you so much - I hope when you read Darcy and Fitzwilliam you let me know how you enjoyed it. Lie if you have to.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love D&F - it's one of my faves and I'm eagerly anticipating the sequel! :D No need to enter me in the giveaway because I already own it. I just wanted to stop in and get more of my two favorite gents.

    1. Thank you so much Monica for writing in. I truly appreciate your comments - and you'll love the sequel. The children are a riot - I'm enjoying them as much as their fathers

  8. A delightful interview if ever I have read one. It's a very good thing I did not have a beverage to hand, else my computer would need a few days to dry. Most diverting, Madame Wasylowski, most diverting indeed!

    1. thanks so very much - your kind words made me laugh too. Thanks

  9. Wonderful post, Karen. The next time you have those two together in the same room with you, please give me a call. I'll fly to wherever you are. I won't say anything at all. I'll just quietly gaze at them.

    1. I should try and do a real House Husbands of Pemberley, including Reverend Collins!

  10. would love to win a copy!! thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  11. This is just wonderful, the author doesn't get a word in because the characters take over! And what a laugh that was!
    I would love to get to win a copy of this book! Darcy and Fitzwilliam in one book - hell that can't end well those two argue way TOO much! I do look forward to read this book - Richard married, I wonder who the lucky girl is! And I completely agree with Robi Helm - I would love to be in the same room as Darcy and Richard! Wonderful interview or talk, Karen!

    Thank you for the giveaway possibility!

    1. Thank you so much Sophia. I developed a crush on the Colonel while I was writing the book but Mr. Darcy is, well, Mr. Darcy. The ultimate romantic hero.

  12. Sounds wonderful! I would love to add this book to my Jane a month. Did all the above. Thanks!


    1. Thank you - best of luck to you - the drawing is random.

  13. Karen can't even get a word through when her stars take centre stage. Maybe they are divas, always dominating interviews and leave none for the others to say. Had a good laugh. A sequel to Darcy and Fitzwilliam? I would love to read it.

    Barbara, I'm a GFC follower, blog about this here, friend you on FB as Sylvia Claire Chan, 'like' your FB author page and join Darcyholic Diversion FB group.

  14. I was the seventh of eight children, and had one sister. That means there were 6 boys in my family. Often when I read P&P sequels or alternates, I think the male characters are a bit too perfect, stuffy, or even a bit feminine! I loved your Darcy and Fitzwilliam because they reminded me of my brothers: teasing, fighting, scrapping, arguing, but always loyal and covering each others back. Also, I agree - the early years of marriage can be rough, and can require a bit of adjusting. I would especially think Elizabeth would be a bit confounded by interactions with males as she was in this household full to brimming with women all her life. It should taker her some adjusting to living with a manly man. I look forward to your new book...

  15. Karen:

    I so appreciate you taking the time to guest post with us! Thanks again! I really enjoyed your post. What a fun interview with your wise cracking hunks! :D