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Candy Morton: To Have a Man Like Darcy Love You...

Welcome Candy Morton to Darcyholic Diversions!
Hi, Darcyholics!  I am very happy to welcome Candy Morton to Darcyholic Diversions today.  I have gotten to know Candy through my blog tour, as well as this blog and HER blog 'So Little Time...'.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her. 

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 To Have a Man Like Darcy Love You...
Hello! I was shocked when Barbara asked me if I would like to guest blog on Darcyholic Diversions. I thought, really? Me? Who am I? Good question. I am the mother of five children and have been married for 26, almost 27 years, but the common thread that holds you and I together is our love of Jane Austens work, especially our love for Pride and Prejudice! Ahh, to be Elizabeth and have a man like Darcy love you! I melt just thinking about it!  Darcy, tall, incredibly handsome, loyal and very protective, for me his is everything a man should be.

When did my love for Darcy start? Well, it began when I first watch the 2005 P&P, I fell in love with Matthew MacFadyen, yes, Im on team Matthew!  I had tried reading P&P before with no luck. I could not understand the old English. After watching the movie, I gave the story another try and loved it. Because of the movie, I could now understand the story. I read it a few more times, understanding it better every time. One day I was at Borders and I happened to see on the shelf a book entitled The Darcys and the Bingleys by Marsha Altman. Wow! A sequel! I bought it right then! That opened a whole world to me! I found more books and fan fiction online! I couldnt get enough!

Let me back up a minute. I need to tell you before this I didnt read that much, an occasion book here and there. Mostly, I reread the Little House on the Prairie Series. I was a very poor reader because I read very slow, my mind would wander, causing me to have to reread what I just read. It was such a chore, so I would stop. After my third child was born, I decided to take a reading class at the community college. I found I read better than I thought. I learned so much in that class, like how to read faster to comprehend more. I advanced two grade levels in that semester!

When I joined goodreads, I realized I should write reviews. What?! I cant write! Like with reading, I struggled with every word I would write. I couldnt put on paper what I was thinking. I knew what I was feeling and what I was thinking but to put that in word form was impossible. But I tried. I also wanted a way to keep track of the books Id been reading. I was beginning to mix them up in my mind! I started writing just a short little review, more for myself.

Last summer, I took some online scrapbooking classes, one was a journaling class. That class was freeing for me! You can read about that on my blog.

Oh yes, my blog! One day I was playing around on the computer and started a blog. I didnt realize I would have to name it. Not putting much thought into this, and thinking I really dont have time for this, I came up with "So little time..." I wrote my first post! Then I thought for fun I would put up a book review. I copied and pasted one of my reviews from goodreads, put a picture up and ta da! my first book review! I was so excited, I wrote Mary Simonsen to show her and she tweeted it! That terrified me! I wasnt ready for other people to see my writing! But at the same time it was very exciting! Would people really care to read my thoughts?

I am still learning about writing. Every time I write a review it feels like a struggle, however, it is getting a little easier, thanks to my good friend, Jakki Leatherberry! She has been a huge help to me. I still dont think my reviews are fantastic, but I like them. I try to keep them short because I dont like to read long reviews myself. Mainly, in a review, I want to see if the book is any good, if its truly what the description says it is and if you dont like it, why? Because the reason you dont like it, may not be an issue for me. I dont analyze it too deeply, I keep it simple.

What do you like to read in a review?

NOW that you have read the post, click on the link to go to Candy's blog and you might just have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate!


  1. That's a good idea, to write reviews in order to keep track of the books you've been reading. I am embarrassed to admit that I have actually bought duplicate copies of stories because I forgot I had them. If I had written short reviews like you had, I might have spared myself that fate.

    ~ junewilliams7 at yahoo dot come

    1. Before goodreads I would write a few lines inside the book cover to help me remember! Lol! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who forgets!

  2. I am delighted to know we share a similar path to becoming Darcyholics. As an ardent member of team Matthew, I am happily addicted.

    I love the name of your blog, Candy ... very clever!

    1. Thank you! It seems like my best ideas are the ones I don't put much thought into! lol! ...well, that's not always the case. ;)

      Go team Matthew!!

  3. Candy, you go, girl. "Write what you love," they say, and your point about liking short reviews makes me smile.

    As for forgetting stuff, my friend, join the club! Even scarier than forgetting what you've read is forgetting what you've written. I'll happen upon a section from one of my books, for instance, and do a double-take. "Did I write that?"

    Not a good sign! Another indication that teachers need summer break just as much as students ...

    elizabethelliotami (at)

    1. Oh no! That is scary! The closest I've come to that is going back to an older review that I've written and thinking, "That's not as bad as I thought." (my writing that is!;))

      I think everybody should have a summer break! Did you know I homeschool my youngest two kids? This is our last week, except for finishing up some math next week. I'm looking forward to summer break myself!!

  4. I agree! Go Matthew! I always said if Joe Wright had produced a mini series instead of a 2 hour movie that there would be more Matthew lover's! Oh, um, I mean fans. :)
    Ironic about writing small reviews to keep your stories straight. I do the same thing. Even on my kindlefire I leave one on the notes page if a book permits it.
    I feel the same way about reading reviews as well. I don't need to read things that do not pertain to the story itself and yes, make your points and be done. Sometimes when people write reviews it's like reading a whole other story - and for me there's 'so little time' for that! ;)
    I will be sure to check your blog out, Candy!

    1. Yay! Team Matthew!! Yes, if they had spent a little more time, especially at the end, it would have been a much better movie!

      Hopefully, my reviews stay short! They seem to be getting longer. Yikes!

  5. Candy, You and I stepped out into the writing/blogging world later than most, but isn't it fun? I admire how you overcame your struggles with reading, and now you're a writer! I enjoy your blog. I love short, concise reviews that point a reader in the right direction. It's also very cool that Austen brought us together.

    1. Mary, yes, it's fun! Today was especially fun! I love chatting with my Austen friends!
      I have a lot to thank Austen for and one is definitely meeting you and becoming good friends! Thanks for everything!

  6. I also joined goodreads to follow a bit more closely what I read and remember it better - I still keep a journal as well, where I take a few notes of every book I read (or at least I try). Goodreads is a great way of finding new books to read also - I´ve never had such a huge tbr-list like since joining Goodreads :D. There are tons of great book out there I would have never ever found if it where not for Goodreads and all the fabulous blogs!

    I really like your blog, Candy - came through it to your post here - and Jakki´s blog is great!

    I have sooo many blogs I like following, that I am really in stress sometimes - so "So little time" fits for that too :D.

    1. Thank you! I follow a lot of blogs too and it's hard to keep up with them! I do try to run through my dashboard everyday and quickly read through them. I can't possibly comment on every one, I would be on my computer all day!! And believe me I'm on too much as it is! ;)

  7. Laura, I can relate. I generally write a chapter each week. If I wait three or four weeks after rewriting a chapter, I can go back to it as a beta. I don't recognize that it is my work at that point.

    Candy, love you bunches, but Colin Firth is my Darcy. It probably has to do with our ages. I was 41 in 1995 when the BBC miniseries came out, and of course (as an English teacher) I adored it.

    Keep writing those reviews, and we'll keep writing the books for you to read. Maybe one day you will write a book, and I'll review it!

    Great article.

    1. It's so sad, I didn't even know about Jane Austen in 1995 and I already had three children by that time! I only remember one book that was required reading in high school, "Lord of the Rings" and I did not read it! I rarely did my homework in high school. It's a wonder I passed! I think it counted just to show up!

      Oh! Wouldn't that be something! Me write a book! Ha! Well, you never know, stranger things have happened!

      Thank you!

  8. I love your reason for starting your blog, Candy! It sure is difficult to keep the books straight in my head, especially when the majority of them are P&P variations. I think it is really old to keep your ideas straight and so you don't end up doing what JuneWilliams did and purchase the same book twice! ;)
    Looking forward to your next review! :)

    1. Really, not only are their stories similar, their titles are close to the same too! LOL! But I still can't get enough of Mr. Darcy! ;) and a few other Austen men!

  9. It is great to find one of my favorite people here.

  10. I love reading your reviews. I like it when people can summarize their thoughts and feelings about something in a paragraph or two. That's something I struggle with sometimes. I want to comment on everything I liked or didn't like, but it's hard if you want to also avoid spoilers. I vowed at the beginning of the year that I would review every book I read but I have fallen behind already! I have notes jotted down, I just have to actually write them. Anyway, I enjoyed reading more about you and your intro to Darcyholism.

    1. Oh no, Monica, now I can't be your friend...Just Kidding!!

      I know, I try not to list everything I like about a book! And when it's a mystery there is a lot you have to leave out because you'll give it away! It's hard to balance. Believe me, I struggle with that too!

      Thanks, Monica! I always enjoy reading your comments!

  11. Tweeted this

  12. Candy:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post here! I really enjoyed getting to know more about how you discovered Mr. Darcy and JAFF; as well as know more about how you came to begin reviewing and established your blog.

    I also hope that anyone that happens to read THIS comment that has not done so already, will stop by your blog and enter your contest!


    1. Barbara,

      I want to THANK YOU for asking me to do this. It was another one of those stepping out of my comfort zone moments and I'm glad I did! It has been really fun! I love the comments!


  13. Loved your post, Candy! And I've told you before how much I like your beautiful blog. I really admire you for taking a course to improve your reading skills - and now here you are writing a blog and reviewing books right and left! What a success story! Don't hate me, but I'm Team Colin. I do admire MM; he's just not my Darcy.

    1. Jan, I could never hate you!! I love the banter between the teams! :D
      Thank you! I still have a way to go but I have made progress! :)

  14. Candy,

    Your story is inspiring. Reading about journey as a reader and a writer of reviews makes me bend down and touch your feet--I'm not worthy!

    So little time is right, it took me 20 minutes to finish that sentence above with family's interruptions.

    Team? I'll be the referree, sandwiched between Collins and Matthew ;)

  15. Nina, thank you! It just goes to show, you are never too old to learn!

    Mmm...I would have to agree with you, being sandwiched between both of them would be wonderful! ;)

  16. Lol! Our Darcy shelves, or should I say "Darcy shrines" look so much alike! I loved your post. I heading now to your site to attack it with comments for the giveaway! ;)

    1. Hi Erlynn! And that's not counting what I have on my kindle! Lol! I'm not surprised your is the same! ;) Thanks!

  17. Enjoyed reading about your path to Mr. Darcy. I too admire you for taking the course in reading. I reread a passage quite often but sometimes it is because I like it so well I want to savor it a bit longer.

    Your website was lovely and I like your reviews. I have been trying to write a review as I read but I am way behind. My desire to read is greater than my desire to write a review. I had read very little for years but when I started reading Jane Austen and watching the movie adaptations, I have been unable to stop nor do I want to. I must admit, I am a Colin Firth fan although I did enjoy watching MM's portrayal.

    Thanks again for the post and your reviews.

  18. what a wonderful journey !
    TY Candy, for sharing so transparently!
    i am encouraged and inspired by your story and willingness to share